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Stagehand on The Weeknd Tour Files Lawsuit Against Live Nation, Alleges Forklift Accident

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During his much-anticipated global tour, “After Hours Til Dawn,” the Weeknd has been captivating audiences with performances in a sprawling stage setup, featuring an apocalyptic 3D cityscape backdrop and a variety of stage configurations. This artistic creation spans the stadium floor, showcasing a massive stage at one end, a lengthy catwalk featuring a round stage in the middle, and a diamond-shaped smaller stage at the opposite end. With Latin America concerts lined up for next month, the tour visited AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on August 14, 2022, where a mesmerizing performance was staged in front of approximately 60,000 attendees, at the home field of the Dallas Cowboys.

But now, the bright lights of the concert have been overshadowed by a lawsuit filed against live music behemoth Live Nation Entertainment. The suit has been brought by a stagehand who claims that his leg was seriously injured by a forklift during the pre-show preparations.

In legal documents presented on Monday in Dallas County District Court, the plaintiff, Steve Genovese, alleges that on August 9, 2022, while working for a company that Live Nation contracted to build the Weeknd’s stage at AT&T Stadium, he encountered a horrific accident. According to the complaint, while Genovese was busy delineating the stage dimensions, another worker operating a forklift accidentally ran over him, causing immense damage to his leg. The description of the injury paints a gruesome picture, with severe, agonizing, and lasting damage including torn flesh and muscles separated from the bone.

The lawsuit doesn’t stop at Live Nation but also involves several other entities like concert promoter C3 Presents, David Weise & Associates (a business firm associated with the Weeknd), and Cowboys Stadium, LP, the operator of the AT&T Stadium complex. Interestingly, the Weeknd himself is not part of the litigation.

Within the complaint, five counts of civil liability are put forth, encompassing charges of negligence, negligent hiring, and gross negligence. The legal documents highlight the defendants’ alleged failure to prioritize worker safety, implying that financial considerations took precedence. Moreover, the complaint argues that Live Nation and its subcontractors did not uphold their commitments regarding the provision of skilled forklift drivers, appropriate staffing, forklifts, operators, and EMS personnel.

A particularly concerning detail in the complaint is the supposed absence of an ambulance or EMS personnel, which Genovese asserts caused significant delays in receiving medical care. This delay is claimed to have aggravated his already severe and life-changing injuries. As described, Genovese’s time in the hospital extended over a month, during which he underwent numerous surgeries to salvage his leg, now permanently disfigured and impaired.

In pursuit of justice, Genovese seeks compensation for his alleged medical expenses, pain, suffering, emotional turmoil, lost earnings, legal costs, and more.

As the news broke, attempts were made to reach the representatives for Live Nation, the Dallas Cowboys, C3 Presents, David Weise & Associates, and the Weeknd. This legal development was initially reported by Law.com Radar, casting a shadow on what has been a highly acclaimed tour. It serves as a sobering reminder that even in the dazzling world of entertainment, the risks and challenges faced by those working behind the scenes must never be overlooked.

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