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A New Collaboration: Ed Sheeran Teams Up with Aaron Dessner of the National for an Album Release

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The world-renowned Ed Sheeran has partnered once again with the versatile super-producer Aaron Dessner to produce a fresh album. Dessner, a member of the band the National and famed multi-instrumentalist, played a leading role in the production of “Autumn Variations.” This anticipated new work is set to release on September 29, under Sheeran’s label, Gingerbread Man Records. Below, you can find Sheeran’s insights into this latest project.

Dessner is no stranger to working with Sheeran, having previously been involved in the production of Sheeran’s album released in May. As reported by Rolling Stone, it was actually pop icon Taylor Swift who played matchmaker between Dessner and Sheeran. Dessner, who also had a hand in co-producing the Swift-Sheeran collaboration “Run (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault),” spoke highly of Sheeran, expressing his admiration for his writing skills. “Witnessing it firsthand was something else,” he mentioned.

When speaking to The Guardian, Dessner addressed working with one of the biggest pop sensations in the industry. “He’s created massive pop hits, and while some find them easy targets for criticism, you can’t deny his human touch and exceptional artistic ability,” he explained. “Working with him was as natural as it was fun and rewarding. It felt like a leap of faith, and I’ve grown weary of the endless ‘what’s hip?’ conversation.”

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Ed Sheeran: Autumn Variations

Autumn Variations Tracklist:

01 Magical
02 England
03 Amazing
04 Plastic Bag
05 Blue
06 American Town
07 That’s on Me
08 Page
09 Midnight
10 Spring
11 Punchline
12 When Will I Be Alright
13 The Day I Was Born
14 Head > Heels

A Personal Note from Ed Sheeran:

During last autumn, I discovered how life changes had a profound impact on me and my friends. As summer’s heat receded, things in life seemed to calm, settle, crumble, climax, or even collapse.

During a challenging period early last year, songwriting became a therapeutic outlet to grapple with my emotions and understand what was transpiring. It led me to pen songs about various perspectives, mine and my friends’, reflecting the range of emotions from love’s joy and fresh friendships to the darker sides of heartbreak, depression, isolation, and bewilderment.

Inspired by a conversation with my father and brother about composer Elgar and his “Enigma Variations,” where each of the 14 pieces represented a different friend, I embarked on this album. Collaborating with Aaron Dessner was an instant connection. Our tireless writing and recording sessions gave birth to this album, capturing the essence of autumn in the sound. I hope this album resonates with others as deeply as it does with me.

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