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Ralphie Choo Announces Debut Album, Shares Video for New Song With Mura Masa: Watch

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Debut album

Introducing Ralphie Choo’s Debut Album and New Song Collaboration with Mura Masa

Ralphie Choo is thrilled to unveil his highly anticipated debut album, titled “Supernova,” set to release on September 15 via Rusia IDK/Warner. The talented Madrid artist has also treated fans to a captivating new track in collaboration with UK producer Mura Masa, titled “Máquina Culona.” Experience the accompanying music video for this exciting release below.

Choo describes “Máquina Culona” as an innovative blend of industrial cumbia, infused with elements of classic cumbia, straight from the year 2072. Produced by the esteemed European producer Mura Masa, following the influence of Rusowsky, this track is a testament to their creative prowess. The music video for “Máquina Culona” was co-directed by David Heofs and Roy Viceroy, delivering a visual experience that perfectly complements the song.

This summer has seen Ralphie Choo grace us with two sensational new tracks, with “Gata” released just last month. Prior to that, he delighted fans with the single “Bulerías de un Caballo Malo.”

Prepare for the celestial journey of “Supernova” with its diverse tracklist, featuring:

01 Juan Salvador Gaviota
02 NHF
03 Bulerías de un Caballo Malo
04 Total90nostalgia
05 Bó
06 Whipcream
07 WCID?
08 Gata [ft. Rusowsky]
09 Máquina Culona [ft. Mura Masa]
10 Voycontodo
11 Supernova
12 Tangos de una Moto Trucada
13 Beso Bruma
14 Metaverse

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Debut album

Q: When is Ralphie Choo’s debut album “Supernova” set to release?

A: Ralphie Choo’s debut album “Supernova” is scheduled to release on September 15.

Q: Who is the producer collaborating with Ralphie Choo on the song “Máquina Culona”?

A: The song “Máquina Culona” is a collaboration between Ralphie Choo and UK producer Mura Masa.

Q: What is the description of the song “Máquina Culona”?

A: “Máquina Culona” is described as an industrial cumbia that combines elements of classic cumbia, produced by Mura Masa after Rusowsky, delivering a unique sound from the future.

Q: How many new songs has Ralphie Choo released this summer?

A: Ralphie Choo has released two new songs this summer. The first one is “Gata,” and the second one is “Máquina Culona.”

Q: Can you provide the tracklist for Ralphie Choo’s album “Supernova”?

A: The tracklist for Ralphie Choo’s album “Supernova” is as follows:

  1. Juan Salvador Gaviota
  2. NHF
  3. Bulerías de un Caballo Malo
  4. Total90nostalgia
  5. Whipcream
  6. WCID?
  7. Gata [ft. Rusowsky]
  8. Máquina Culona [ft. Mura Masa]
  9. Voycontodo
  10. Supernova
  11. Tangos de una Moto Trucada
  12. Beso Bruma
  13. Metaverse

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songbird23 July 14, 2023 - 7:01 pm

ralphie choo’s “supernova” album sounds like a sonic adventure! from cumbia to whipcream, it’s gonna be a wild ride! máquina culona ft. mura masa is a bop, can’t stop dancing! ralphie choo’s creativity shines through, can’t wait to explore the metaverse!

musicFanatic99 July 15, 2023 - 11:00 am

ralphie choo’s album supernova is gonna be epic, tracklist looks amazing! been vibin’ to “gata” all summer, now “máquina culona” with mura masa is droppin, so hyped! ralphie choo is a rising star, gonna skyrocket to success!


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