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Peter Gabriel Shares New Song Conceived With Skrillex: Listen

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Peter Gabriel Unveils New Track Co-Created with Skrillex: Give it a Listen!

In a rather unexpected musical collaboration, Peter Gabriel has just dropped a brand new song titled “This Is Home,” and guess who had a hand in its creation? None other than the electronic music wizard himself, Skrillex. The two artists came together in Gabriel’s cozy home studio, and the result is something quite intriguing.

According to Gabriel, the initial idea Skrillex had in mind was to craft a track revolving around the wild, sleepless nights in nightclubs, a subject the electronic maestro is well-versed in. However, Gabriel, being more of a family-oriented individual, decided to steer the song in a different direction, focusing on the themes of family and home instead. The outcome? Well, it seems Gabriel quite likes it, and we’re here for it too!

Gabriel expressed his thoughts on the collaboration, saying, “Though we took the song in this other direction, it was an interesting experience nonetheless, and I think it is good for me to be taken outside my normal comfort zone sometimes.”

But that’s not all that makes “This Is Home” stand out. The song, now presented in a “Dark-Side Mix” by the talented Tchad Blake, boasts the enchanting vocals of the Swedish voice choir Orphei Drängar and an orchestral arrangement courtesy of John Metcalfe. Talk about a musical fusion!

Gabriel further delves into the song’s creation, mentioning his inspiration from the iconic Tamla Motown rhythm sections. He aimed to recreate that timeless groove with a modern twist, complete with the classic tambourine and handclaps. And let’s not forget the bass magic Tony Levin conjured up, adding a killer low end to the mix.

In a daring move for Gabriel, he experimented with a “low voice / high voice” dynamic in the track, creating a captivating contrast between the almost conversational tone at the beginning and the heightened emotional intensity in the second part. It’s a bold artistic choice that adds depth and intimacy to the song.

“This Is Home” marks the 10th release from Gabriel’s highly anticipated upcoming album, “I/O.” And that’s not all, folks! Another track from the album, “Four Kinds of Horses,” features the likes of Brian Eno and XL Recordings founder Richard Russell. Gabriel has been gifting us with these musical gems, dropping them on every full moon.

So, whether you’re a die-hard fan of Peter Gabriel, a Skrillex enthusiast, or just a music aficionado looking for something fresh and exciting, “This Is Home” is a tune that’s definitely worth a listen. It’s a testament to the magic that can happen when two artists from entirely different musical realms come together to create something unique and unexpected. Give it a spin and let the music speak for itself!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Collaboration

What is the inspiration behind “This Is Home” by Peter Gabriel and Skrillex?

The inspiration behind “This Is Home” came from a collaboration between Peter Gabriel and Skrillex. Skrillex initially had the idea of creating a song about the nightlife and club scene, but Gabriel, known for his family-oriented approach, shifted the focus to themes of family and home.

Who contributed to the creation of “This Is Home”?

Besides Peter Gabriel and Skrillex, this unique track features the enchanting Swedish voice choir Orphei Drängar and an orchestral arrangement by John Metcalfe. Tony Levin also adds his magic with a captivating bass part.

What is the significance of the “Dark-Side Mix” by Tchad Blake?

Tchad Blake’s “Dark-Side Mix” offers a fresh perspective on the song, providing a unique sonic experience. It takes the original track and adds a new layer of creativity and depth to the music.

Tell me more about Peter Gabriel’s upcoming album, “I/O.”

“I/O” is an eagerly awaited album by Peter Gabriel. “This Is Home” is the 10th release from this album, which also features tracks like “Four Kinds of Horses,” featuring Brian Eno and XL Recordings founder Richard Russell. Gabriel has been releasing these songs on every full moon, building anticipation for the full album release.

How does “This Is Home” experiment with vocals?

In this track, Peter Gabriel experiments with a “low voice / high voice” dynamic. The song begins with an almost conversational tone and transitions into a higher, more emotional voice in the second part. This vocal contrast adds depth and intimacy to the song’s storytelling.

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