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Octo Octa Announces New Dreams of a Dancefloor EP

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Octo Octa is set to release a fresh EP titled “Dreams of a Dancefloor,” scheduled for launch on September 15th through her own label, T4T LUV NRG. The EP, which has undergone mastering by Carl Rowatti and features original artwork by Q, offers a sneak peek through a preview. Notable for founding T4T LUV NRG alongside her partner Eris Drew in 2019, Octo Octa is also a part of the Alchemical Sisters collective. In the preceding year’s September, Octo Octa and Drew unveiled a collaborative split EP via the Fabric Originals imprint. The forthcoming EP marks Octo Octa’s solo return since her 2021 release “She’s Calling.”

Dreams of a Dancefloor EP Tracklist:

  1. Late Night Love
  2. Let Yourself Go!
  3. Come Here, Let’s Commune

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Electronic Music

Who is releasing the new EP “Dreams of a Dancefloor”?

The new EP “Dreams of a Dancefloor” is being released by Octo Octa.

What is the release date for the EP?

The EP is scheduled to be released on September 15th.

Which label is associated with the EP’s release?

The EP is being released through Octo Octa’s own label, T4T LUV NRG.

Who was involved in the production of the EP?

The EP was mastered by Carl Rowatti and features original artwork by Q.

What is Octo Octa’s connection with T4T LUV NRG?

Octo Octa co-founded T4T LUV NRG with her partner, Eris Drew, in 2019.

Has Octo Octa collaborated with Eris Drew before?

Yes, Octo Octa and Eris Drew released a split EP on the Fabric Originals label in September of the previous year.

What was Octo Octa’s previous solo EP?

Octo Octa’s previous solo EP was titled “She’s Calling,” released in 2021.

Can I preview the EP before its release?

Yes, there is a preview available for the EP.

Are there any notable tracks on the EP?

The EP features tracks such as “Late Night Love,” “Let Yourself Go!,” and “Come Here, Let’s Commune.”

Is Octo Octa associated with any other musical group?

Octo Octa is also part of a musical group called Alchemical Sisters.

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musiclover23 August 14, 2023 - 7:03 pm

octo octa droppin’ new EP, dreams of dancefloor, sept 15 via t4t luv nrg. can’t wait 4 the beats!


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