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New Collection of Unreleased Tracks from Elliott Smith’s Heatmiser to be Released by Third Man Records

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Unreleased tracks

New Collection of Unreleased Tracks from Elliott Smith’s Heatmiser to be Released by Third Man Records

A fresh compilation album containing previously unheard material from Heatmiser, the band in which Elliott Smith was a member prior to his successful solo career, is set to be unveiled this year. The renowned label Third Man Records is gearing up to launch the 29-song collection on October 6. To give a glimpse of the album’s content, the label has already made available the early track “Lowlife,” accompanied by a video capturing the band’s performance of the song in Fort Collins, Colorado.

In 1991, Elliott Smith co-founded Heatmiser alongside Neil Gust, the guitarist and vocalist, and Tony Lash, who served as both the drummer and producer. Bassist Brandt Peterson joined the lineup shortly thereafter. The group introduced themselves with their inaugural cassette, titled “The Music of Heatmiser,” distributing it at their live shows and local record stores in 1992. The upcoming compilation by Third Man Records includes all six tracks from the original cassette, maintaining not only the content but also replicating its title and artwork.

Neil Gust elaborated on the discovery of these forgotten recordings in a press release, recounting how Tony Lash stumbled upon them and began remixing and sharing them with him. The band was struck by the uninhibited energy present in the recordings, reflecting the sheer enjoyment they experienced. Due to financial constraints in 1992, they were compelled to work at a rapid pace during the studio sessions. As a result, when they put together the cassette, their intention was to initiate it with an impactful and powerful track, hence the choice of “Lowlife.”

After the release of “The Music of Heatmiser,” the band proceeded to produce three studio albums before parting ways in 1996. Their achievements were acknowledged in 2015 when Heatmiser was inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame.

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Selections from “The Music of Heatmiser” Compilation:

  1. Lowlife (from the ’92 Cassette)
  2. Bottle Rocket (from the ’92 Cassette)
  3. Buick (from the ’92 Cassette)
  4. Just a Little Prick (from the ’92 Cassette)
  5. Dirt (from the ’92 Cassette)
  6. Mightier Than You (from the ’92 Cassette)
  7. Can’t Be Touched (from the Cavity Search Single)
  8. Wake (from the Cavity Search Single)
  9. Stray (from the Cavity Search Single)
  10. Dead Air (Demo)
  11. Sands Hotel (Demo)
  12. Mock Up (Demo)
  13. Cannibal (Demo)
  14. Candyland (Demo)
  15. Still (Demo)
  16. Man Camp
  17. Laying Low
  18. Bloody Knuckles
  19. Father Song
  20. Glamourine
  21. Meatline
  22. Revolution
  23. Blackout (Live on KBOO)
  24. Bottle Rocket (Live on KBOO)
  25. Dirt (Live on KBOO)
  26. Still (Live on KBOO)
  27. Candyland (Live on KBOO)
  28. Don’t Look Down (Live on KBOO)
  29. Lowlife (Live on KBOO)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Unreleased tracks

Who was Heatmiser and what is their new album about?

Heatmiser was a band from Portland, with Elliott Smith as a member before his solo career. Their new album, released by Third Man Records, features previously unreleased tracks.

When will the album be available and how many songs does it include?

The album is set for release on October 6 by Third Man Records. It includes a compilation of 29 songs, many of which were previously unheard.

Can you tell more about the early track “Lowlife”?

“Lowlife” is an early track from Heatmiser’s upcoming album. Third Man Records has released it along with a video of the band performing it in Fort Collins, Colorado.

How did Heatmiser start and what’s their significance?

Elliott Smith formed Heatmiser in 1991 with Neil Gust and Tony Lash. The band’s unreleased tracks capture their freewheeling energy. Heatmiser released their first cassette in 1992.

What’s the story behind the compilation and the band’s cassette?

Tony Lash discovered forgotten recordings, showcasing the band’s lively energy. The compilation includes all six tracks from the original cassette, maintaining its title and artwork.

What’s the band’s history after the cassette release?

Following “The Music of Heatmiser,” the band released three studio albums before disbanding in 1996. They were later inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame in 2015.

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vinyljunkie August 15, 2023 - 6:49 pm

29 tracks, dayum! heatmiser bringin’ da treasures, y’all

musiclover23 August 15, 2023 - 9:21 pm

wow, heatmiser’s old stuff droppin’? that’s kool. gotta listen asap

elliottfanatic August 16, 2023 - 2:32 am

heatmiser’s jams before the fame? can’t w8 4 this album! elliot <3

indieRocker August 16, 2023 - 6:26 am

omg, lovelife track got me groovin’ already. heatmiser rocks m/

historybuff August 16, 2023 - 1:41 pm

heatmiser, a piece of 90s music history. thx 3rd man!


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