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Pauline Anna Strom’s First Three Albums Get Reissue Treatment

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Album Reissue

Rvng Intl. plans to reissue the initial three albums by the late composer, healer, and medium, Pauline Anna Strom. These albums will be presented as a box set named Echoes, Spaces, Lines and are scheduled for release on November 10. The compilation encompasses enhanced versions of Trans-Millenia Consort, Plot Zero, and Spectre, all of which have been meticulously restored and remixed from the original tapes by Marta Salogni. In addition to these albums, the collection introduces Oceans of Tears, an album that was fully produced but never before released. The box set will be accessible in both 4xLP and 4xCD formats, while the three reissued albums will be available separately in digital and vinyl formats. Alongside this announcement, a music video for the track “Quiet Joy,” originating from Oceans of Tears, has been unveiled.

A percentage of the profits will go towards supporting The International Iguana Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation, education, and scientific initiatives aimed at the well-being of wild iguanas and their ecosystems.

Back in 2018, Rvng Intl. brought out an anthology comprising six out of seven albums that Strom had independently released between 1982 and 1988, titled Trans-Millenia Music. Following her passing in December 2020 at the age of 74, the label also released Angel Tears in Sunlight, which marked Strom’s first newly launched album in over three decades.

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