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Courtney Barnett Covers Chastity Belt’s “Different Now”: Listen

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Courtney Barnett has unveiled her rendition of Chastity Belt’s 2017 hit single “Different Now.” This cover will be part of an upcoming 7-inch record, accompanied by Kurt Vile’s interpretation of “This Time of Night,” another track by the band. Scheduled to be released on October 27 through Suicide Squeeze, both the vinyl and digital versions of the single can be anticipated. Barnett’s take on “Different Now” is available to listen to now.

Chastity Belt’s songs “Different Now” and “This Time of Night” are featured on their third album, I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone. Barnett expressed deep affection for “Different Now,” saying, “This song holds a unique place in my heart. When the album was released, I repeatedly listened to ‘Different Now,’ feeling as though it was meant for me. It’s an impeccable composition, and I even introduced it to Kurt, who used to sing it to me while touring. I’ve admired Chastity Belt ever since we met at a Seattle record store in 2014, followed by a tour together in 2015. We’ve remained close friends since then.”

In further comments, Barnett revealed: “Initially, I performed it as a modest folk acoustic rendition, but after involving Stella [Mozgawa] to design some drum beats, the track transformed into something much more exhilarating. We recorded it directly to the Tascam 388, and the process was genuinely enjoyable to undertake.”

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The Suicide Squeeze 7″ will be offered in a special one-time vinyl edition, restricted to 1,500 copies—1,000 in blue wax, 250 in pink, and the remaining 250 in conventional black.

Chastity Belt, the Seattle-based band, released their latest album in 2019. Presently, they are in the process of preparing a 10th-anniversary re-release of their inaugural album No Regerts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword Courtney Barnett

What song has Courtney Barnett covered from Chastity Belt?

Courtney Barnett has covered Chastity Belt’s 2017 single “Different Now.”

Who else is contributing to the upcoming 7″ single?

Kurt Vile is also contributing with his take on Chastity Belt’s “This Time of Night.”

When will the 7″ single be released, and through what label?

The vinyl and digital single will arrive on October 27 via Suicide Squeeze.

What are the limited edition vinyl colors and quantities?

The one-time vinyl pressing is limited to 1,500 copies: 1,000 on blue wax, 250 on pink, and 250 on standard black.

What did Courtney Barnett say about her connection to “Different Now”?

Barnett expressed a deep connection to the song, saying it was special to her and felt like it was singing directly to her. She also shared the song with Kurt Vile and has a history with Chastity Belt dating back to 2014.

How did the cover version of “Different Now” evolve in production?

Initially played as a folk acoustic version, Barnett asked Stella Mozgawa to program some drums, transforming it into a more fun track. They recorded straight to the Tascam 388.

Are there any updates from Chastity Belt about their own music?

Chastity Belt released their most recent full-length album in 2019 and are currently preparing a 10th anniversary reissue of their debut album No Regerts.

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