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Hot Chip Enlist Yunè Pinku for New Song “Fire of Mercy”: Listen

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Hot Chip has returned with a fresh single titled “Fire of Mercy.” The members of the band, Al Doyle, Joe Goddard, Felix Martin, Owen Clarke, and Alexis Taylor, co-created the song with Malaysian-Irish music producer and songwriter Yunè Pinku. You can listen to the latest track, which showcases vocals by Taylor and Goddard, below.

Goddard, in a press statement, connected “Fire of Mercy” to a core theme in William Blake’s “Songs of Experience.” He expressed that the song laments the inevitable moral decay associated with adulthood and yearns for the innocence of youth.

Yunè Pinku also commented on the collaboration, saying, “It’s an immense privilege to collaborate with Hot Chip, who are renowned legends in the electronic music scene. Hearing ‘Fire of Mercy’ and being invited to contribute was a thrilling opportunity I was eager to embrace.”


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In other news about Hot Chip, they released their eighth studio album, Freakout/Release, in the previous summer. Following that, they introduced a song with Brian Eno and Goddess, called “Line in the Sand.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword Hot Chip

Who has collaborated with Hot Chip for their new single “Fire of Mercy”?

Malaysian-Irish producer and songwriter Yunè Pinku has collaborated with Hot Chip for the new single “Fire of Mercy.”

What is the central theme of the song “Fire of Mercy” as described by Joe Goddard?

Joe Goddard related the song “Fire of Mercy” to the central concept of William Blake’s “Songs of Experience,” bemoaning the corruption of adulthood and longing for the purity of childhood.

What was Hot Chip’s latest full-length album before “Fire of Mercy”?

Hot Chip issued their eighth full-length album, titled Freakout/Release, last summer.

Who else has Hot Chip worked with recently besides Yunè Pinku?

They have also recently shared a track with Brian Eno and Goddess, called “Line in the Sand.”

What did Yunè Pinku say about working with Hot Chip?

Yunè Pinku expressed that it was a “massive honour” to work with Hot Chip and was thrilled to collaborate with them on the track “Fire of Mercy.”

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