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The Weeknd Says He Won’t Do Any More Features Unless Daft Punk Reunite

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The Weeknd announced during a recent After Hours Til Dawn performance that he will no longer participate in guest features. He revealed this while introducing an upcoming track titled “Another One of Me” to a crowd in Warsaw. He stated that this would be his final feature in his entire career, unless a reunion of Daft Punk takes place. On social media, he reiterated this sentiment, mentioning that it would only change if Daft Punk were to reunite. The release date of “Another One of Me” and its collaborator remains undisclosed.

The Weeknd is well-known for collaborating with Daft Punk on songs like the title track of “Starboy” and “I Feel It Coming.” They even performed these songs together at the Grammy Awards in 2017. Reflecting on his collaboration with the electronic duo, The Weeknd expressed admiration, crediting them as a significant influence on his music. Daft Punk made a dramatic announcement about their breakup in February 2021.

Throughout his career, The Weeknd has been active as a guest artist, gaining recognition early on for his role in Drake’s “Crew Love.” He has also achieved success through collaborations with artists such as Future (“Low Life”), Lana Del Rey (“Lust for Life”), and FKA twigs (“Tears in the Club”). He recently featured on two tracks, “K-Pop” and “Circus Maximus,” from Utopia alongside Travis Scott, as well as working with Mike Dean on the project “4:23.”

In recent times, The Weeknd has made noteworthy declarations, including a decision to boycott the Grammy Awards, which he has largely upheld despite incidentally winning a Grammy. He also expressed a desire to retire his stage name, although he hasn’t yet detailed plans for transitioning away from it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Music Collaboration

What did The Weeknd announce regarding his future in guest features?

The Weeknd announced that he won’t be doing any more guest features, except for the possibility of a Daft Punk reunion.

Which song did The Weeknd introduce during his performance?

The Weeknd introduced a forthcoming song called “Another One of Me” during his performance.

With whom did The Weeknd collaborate in the past in terms of music?

The Weeknd famously collaborated with Daft Punk on songs like “Starboy” and “I Feel It Coming.”

What was The Weeknd’s sentiment about working with Daft Punk?

The Weeknd expressed admiration for Daft Punk and stated that they are one of the reasons he makes music.

What were some of The Weeknd’s successful collaborations?

The Weeknd has collaborated successfully with artists such as Future, Lana Del Rey, and FKA twigs.

What other significant decisions has The Weeknd made recently?

The Weeknd decided to boycott the Grammy Awards and expressed a desire to retire his stage name.

When did Daft Punk announce their breakup?

Daft Punk announced their breakup in February 2021.

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