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Noname’s Sundial Album Is Coming in July – Listen to the Latest Tracks!

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Noname, a Chicago rapper, just revealed the title of her next album which is called Sundial. She shared the news on Instagram this morning (April 9), writing that it will be available to purchase in July this year.

Noname released her second album Room 25 in 2018. After that, she shared two songs called “Song 31” and “Song 32”. She also worked with Saba and Smino on a song called “Häagen Dazs”, which was released under the trio’s name Ghetto Sage. In 2019, Noname told everyone in a tweet (which has since been deleted) that she would be releasing an album in 2020 but that eventually didn’t happen.

In 2019, Noname made an online book club and in 2020 she worked on making it bigger and helping fight racism. In June of that year she reacted to some criticism with a song called “Song 33,” but later said sorry for any confusion caused by the song on Twitter.

Noname recently released the single “Rainforest” in 2021. Kount produced it and Adam Ness did some vocals for it. It was meant to be in their next album called “Factory Baby”, which was supposed to come out this year, but we don’t know yet if it will still be included in the final version of their new album, “Sundial”.

Noname is going to perform at Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in 2023. Keep an eye on NewSound’s coverage of the festival on that day.

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