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Mike D and Ad-Rock Unveiling “Beastie Boys Square” in New York on Saturday

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Beastie Boys Square

This Saturday, the Big Apple is about to get a little bit more hip-hop historic as we witness the official christening of “Beastie Boys Square.” Yeah, you read that right! The corner of Ludlow and Rivington Streets in the heart of New York City is getting a name change, and it’s all thanks to the legendary Mike D and Ad-Rock, the dynamic duo from the iconic Beastie Boys.

Now, if you’re wondering what’s the fuss all about, let me take you on a quick trip down memory lane. This corner used to be home to Paul’s Boutique, which just happens to be the namesake of the Beastie Boys’ game-changing sophomore album, dropped in 1989. The store was even featured on the album cover – that’s how iconic this place is.

So, what’s the plan for this epic event? Well, from noon to 2 p.m. Eastern time, Mike D and Ad-Rock will be in the house, and you can bet they’re going to bring some serious hip-hop vibes. Plus, there’s going to be a guest DJ set by Jon Bless HiFi System. You know it’s going to be a party!

But here’s the kicker: this whole name-changing thing didn’t happen overnight. It’s been a decade in the making. A guy named LeRoy McCarthy had a dream, and that dream was to rename this corner “Beastie Boys Square.” He started a petition back in the day, but it got shot down by the local community board in 2014. They told him, “Try again in five years, buddy.”

Well, McCarthy wasn’t about to give up. He came back swinging, and last year, the New York City Council finally said, “You know what, let’s do this!” Council member Christopher Marte summed it up perfectly: “The Beastie Boys changed the hip-hop game, and this is our way of celebrating that, not just for the Lower East Side, but for hip-hop and our community.”

And there’s more! This square’s debut lines up perfectly with the ongoing 50th-anniversary celebration of hip-hop. It’s like destiny, right? And to make it even cooler, they’re screening Spike Jonze’s “Beastie Boys Story” at the IFC Center on September 8 and 9. You better believe it’s going to be a must-watch.

But wait, there’s still more! McCarthy, the guy with the vision, also got a mural approved to mark the 25th anniversary of “Paul’s Boutique” at the same spot. And back in 2013, a park in Brooklyn Heights was renamed in honor of the late Adam “MCA” Yauch. So, this whole Beastie Boys legacy just keeps getting bigger and better.

So, mark your calendar, hip-hop heads! September 9 is the day “Beastie Boys Square” becomes a reality. It’s a celebration of music, history, and a group of guys who forever changed the game. Don’t miss out on the hip-hop party of the year!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Beastie Boys Square

What is “Beastie Boys Square” all about?

“Beastie Boys Square” is the new name for the corner of Ludlow and Rivington Streets in New York City. It’s a celebration of the legendary hip-hop group, the Beastie Boys, and their iconic album, “Paul’s Boutique,” which was released in 1989. This corner was once home to the eponymous store featured on the album cover.

Who will be at the celebration?

The celebration will feature appearances by Michael “Mike D” Diamond and Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz, two of the Beastie Boys themselves. There will also be a guest DJ set by Jon Bless HiFi System.

Why did it take a decade to rename this corner?

Renaming the corner to “Beastie Boys Square” was a long journey. LeRoy McCarthy initiated the idea a decade ago but faced initial rejection from the local community board in 2014. After persistence and community support, the New York City Council finally approved the name change last year.

How does this event tie into hip-hop’s 50th anniversary?

The unveiling of “Beastie Boys Square” coincides with the ongoing celebration of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary. It’s a fitting tribute to a group that played a pivotal role in shaping the hip-hop genre.

What other Beastie Boys-related events are happening?

As part of the celebration, Spike Jonze’s documentary “Beastie Boys Story” will be screened at the IFC Center on September 8 and 9. Additionally, a mural commemorating the 25th anniversary of “Paul’s Boutique” and a park renamed in honor of the late Adam “MCA” Yauch are part of the legacy in New York City.

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