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John Gosling, Former Keyboardist for the Kinks, Dies at 75

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John Gosling

John Gosling, the musician who served as the keyboardist for the iconic band the Kinks during most of the 1970s, has passed away at the age of 75. The band announced the sad news on their official social media channels, expressing deep sorrow and extending their condolences to Gosling’s wife and family.

Kinks’ lead singer Ray Davies penned a heartfelt tribute, saying, “Condolences to his wife Theresa and family. Rest in peace dearest John.” Guitarist Dave Davies also shared his grief, remarking, “I’m profoundly disturbed and saddened by John Gosling’s death. A dear friend and vital part of the Kinks’ music, he will always be remembered with great affection and love. A brilliant musician and an incredible human being.”

Mick Avory, the band’s former drummer, honored Gosling by saying, “Today, we have lost a cherished friend and teammate. His musical talent was great, and his sense of humor made him a beloved band member. He leaves behind joyful memories. May he be blessed.”

Gosling became a part of the Kinks in 1970, joining them in the wake of their rise to fame during the British Invasion of the 1960s. When he auditioned for the band, they were preparing their album “Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One.” Gosling’s tryout included recording demos for “Powerman,” “This Time Tomorrow,” and the iconic “Lola.” In a 2009 interview, he nostalgically recalled the relaxed atmosphere of the audition, highlighting the absence of any celebrity pretensions.

Among their many hits, “Lola” stands out as one of the Kinks’ most memorable songs, reaching the top 10 in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Gosling’s time with the Kinks, until his exit in 1978, saw him contribute to various albums, playing not just the keyboard but also the accordion in ventures like Muswell Hillbillies, Percy, Everybody’s in Show-Biz—Everybody’s a Star, Preservation Act 1, Preservation Act 2, Soap Opera, and others.

Gosling’s career continued as he formed the Kast Off Kinks in 1994, a group composed of former Kinks members including Avory, Jim Rodford, and John Dalton. He continued to perform with this group until his retirement in 2008.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about John Gosling

Who was John Gosling?

John Gosling was the keyboardist and pianist for the Kinks, an iconic rock band, during most of the 1970s. He also played with the Kast Off Kinks until his retirement in 2008.

When did John Gosling join and leave the Kinks?

John Gosling joined the Kinks in 1970 and played with the band until his departure in 1978.

What were some of the notable songs and albums that Gosling contributed to?

Gosling played on various Kinks’ albums such as Muswell Hillbillies, Percy, Everybody’s in Show-Biz—Everybody’s a Star, Preservation Act 1, Preservation Act 2, and Soap Opera. He also recorded on demos for hits like “Powerman,” “This Time Tomorrow,” and “Lola.”

What was the Kast Off Kinks?

The Kast Off Kinks was a group founded by John Gosling in 1994, consisting of former members of the Kinks, including Mick Avory, Jim Rodford, and John Dalton. Gosling played with the band until his retirement in 2008.

How did the Kinks announce John Gosling’s death?

The Kinks revealed John Gosling’s death on their official social media accounts, with heartfelt tributes from band members like Ray Davies, Dave Davies, and Mick Avory.

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Mike_J August 5, 2023 - 9:01 pm

So sad to hear about Johns passing. He was amazng with the Kinks. RIP John.

Kathy T August 6, 2023 - 2:23 am

What a great musician! Lola’s one of my all-time faves. My heart goes out to his famly.

Fiona_G August 6, 2023 - 1:14 pm

I saw the Kast Off Kinks once, and Gosling was incredible on the keyboard. A true legend, gone too soon. RIP.

TommyR August 6, 2023 - 3:24 pm

Didn’t know much about him until now. Seems like a great guy. why do all the good ones leave us?

Derek54 August 6, 2023 - 6:25 pm

can’t believe he’s gone, i still remember the first time I heard “Lola” amazing talent. he’ll be missed

MusicHistoryNerd August 8, 2023 - 8:12 am

the Kinks in da British Invasion, john gosling keybordist. Muswell Hillbillies & more, legend.

80sKid August 8, 2023 - 10:38 am

who john goslin? oh yeah, he waz da keyboardst for The Kinks. lola waz da best song evr!

MusicLova August 8, 2023 - 10:49 am

rip john gosling, such a great musician of da Kinks. luvd him in Lola! he made da band rock!

RocknRollFan August 8, 2023 - 12:14 pm

oh no, john goslin died at 75! he waz the keybordist of The Kinks, a legend in the 70s. so sad, his legacy lives on.

ClassicRockFan August 8, 2023 - 5:16 pm

john goslin waz part of da Kinks in da 70s. so many iconic trackz. Kast Off Kinks too. miss him.


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