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Zendaya and Dominic Fike Honor Late Euphoria Colleague Angus Cloud

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Euphoria Co-Star Angus Cloud Death

Zendaya has expressed her sentiments over the untimely passing of her Euphoria co-actor, Angus Cloud. “I am immensely thankful for the opportunity to have known him in this lifetime, to have considered him as a brother, to have experienced his gentle gaze and cheerful grin, or to have laughed with his distinctive infectious chuckle,” she shared. Continue reading for more. Dominic Fike, who portrays Elliot in Euphoria, paid homage on stage in Houston, stating, “Upon sufficiently distancing oneself, certain individuals—probably very few of us in reality—but I believe if you stepped back millions of miles, you would perceive this young man’s glimmer. You could discern it from such a vast distance, albeit brief. His presence would illuminate any room he entered. He was genuinely an extraordinary individual.”

Cloud’s abrupt death this week at 25 remains unexplained. He was cast in Euphoria with no prior acting experience and quickly emerged as a key character in the series over its initial two seasons. His passing instigated a wave of tributes from those associated with Euphoria, including show creator Sam Levinson and co-actor Javon Walton, as well as Drake, Questlove, Janelle Monáe, Kerry Washington, among others.

No words can adequately capture the limitless splendor that was Angus (Conor). I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to have known him, to have considered him a brother, to have seen his gentle, kind eyes and radiant smile, or to have heard his uniquely infectious laughter (I find myself smiling just at the thought of it). The phrase “they could light up any room they walked into” is often used to describe loved ones, but let me assure you, he was unparalleled in this regard. I choose to remember him in this light. For the immeasurable luminosity, love, and happiness he ceaselessly bestowed upon us. I will treasure every moment.

My thoughts are with his mother and family during this challenging period. Please show compassion and patience, as everyone processes grief differently.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Euphoria Co-Star Angus Cloud Death

Who are the celebrities paying tribute to Angus Cloud?

Zendaya and Dominic Fike, who co-starred with Angus Cloud in the television series Euphoria, have paid tribute to him.

How did Dominic Fike pay tribute to Angus Cloud?

Dominic Fike paid tribute to Angus Cloud during a stage performance in Houston, sharing warm words about Cloud’s vibrant personality and impactful presence.

What was Angus Cloud’s role in Euphoria?

Angus Cloud was a key figure in the TV series Euphoria, having been recruited to the show without any prior acting experience.

What is known about Angus Cloud’s cause of death?

As of the time the article was written, the cause of Angus Cloud’s death at age 25 has not been announced.

Who else paid tribute to Angus Cloud apart from Zendaya and Dominic Fike?

Other tributes came from within the Euphoria team such as creator Sam Levinson and actor Javon Walton, and other celebrities like Drake, Questlove, Janelle Monáe, and Kerry Washington.

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EuphoriaFan August 2, 2023 - 8:08 pm

This just broke my heart. I can’t even imagine how the cast n crew are feelin right now. Condolences to his family..

RememberingAngus August 3, 2023 - 5:42 am

His smile really could light up a room. We’ll miss u Angus. Heaven’s got a new star tonight.

BingeWatcherGal August 3, 2023 - 10:25 am

nooo, why do the good ones always go too soon. Loved his character in Euphoria, RIP Angus.

JohnDoe42 August 3, 2023 - 10:28 am

dang this is so sad. Angus was a real talent, gonna miss him in Euphoria 🙁

PopCultureDiva August 3, 2023 - 11:45 am

wow didn’t know that he had no acting experience b4 Euphoria! What a loss to the industry. Rest in power, Angus.


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