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Tragic Loss: August 08, the Creative Force from South Los Angeles, Passes Away at 31

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In a heartbreaking turn of events, we bid farewell to the incredibly talented singer, songwriter, and producer, August 08. This dynamic force hailing from the heart of South Los Angeles has left us at the tender age of 31. The news of his passing was shared via 88rising, the artistic collective he was once a part of, who took to Instagram to share the somber update. While the exact cause of his untimely departure remains undisclosed, the impact of his artistry on countless lives is undeniable.

“RIP August, the kindest and most talented genius – you will be missed beyond words,” the collective conveyed in a poignant tribute. “Thank you for being an amazing mentor and a steadfast friend through all these years. We are forever grateful to you and the joy you brought in every room, through every song. Your energy, guidance, and care gave so much inspiration and strength that will be carried on always.”

Born Ray Jacobs, August 08 was also known by the moniker August Grant. His musical journey was ignited at a young age through the rhythmic allure of drumming, a passion cultivated by his mother. A drum machine bestowed upon him by his mother, aunt, and grandmother served as his gateway into the world of music. By his early teenage years, he had found his rhythm in life, moving in with his uncle and cousins, and embarking on a path of music production. But there was more to his story – a hidden affinity for cinema that weaved its way into the fabric of his musical tapestry. “I watched a lot of movies growing up,” he fondly recalled in an interview last year. “That’s where all my inspiration comes from. I got to see my first Wes Anderson film and others that eventually inspired the hell out of me.”

The turning point came in May 2018 when August 08 released his debut EP, fittingly titled “Father,” under the banners of 88rising and Red Bull Records. The project carried a deep personal resonance, drawing from the complexities of his own relationship with his father, who had departed his life during his formative years. Reflecting on the project’s essence, he shared, “But I also wanted to make it a thing where everybody who’s experienced the thing I’ve experienced can relate and feel something from it. No one is talking about those feelings or having father issues. That’s why I think [lead single] ‘Funeral’ is a very important part of the puzzle of opening people up; to realize that’s a bold thing to say to someone: ‘Don’t say it at my funeral, say it to me now.’”

In the wake of “Father,” August 08’s creative journey continued to flourish. He released EPs like “Happy Endings With an Asterisk” and “Emotional Cuh” through 88rising, leaving an indelible mark on the music scene. Notably, his presence graced the collective’s compilations, “Head in the Clouds” and “Head in the Clouds II,” further cementing his musical prowess.

A significant milestone in his career arrived in July 2022 when he became the flagship artist to sign with Jhené Aiko’s label venture under Def Jam Recordings, aptly named Allel Sound. This marked a poignant moment of recognition for his artistry. Jhené Aiko herself shared her admiration for him, stating, “August is an incredible writer, singer, and artist whose music speaks to me on so many levels. As a fellow Los Angeles native, I am so proud of him. August’s talent, love for songwriting, and hands-on approach with his art is something I can relate to and have a great amount of respect for.” Just a month following this announcement, August 08 unveiled his debut album, “Seasick,” a treasure trove of collaborations with luminaries like Jhené Aiko, Schoolboy Q, and Joji – a fellow alumnus of 88rising.

As we grapple with the loss of this extraordinary artist, we reflect on the legacy he leaves behind – one of vulnerability, passion, and a seamless blend of musical influences. August 08’s journey reminds us that art is a bridge that connects us, transcending time and place. Through his music, he touched our hearts, and his spirit lives on in the melodies he gifted the world.

Rest in harmony, August 08 – your music will forever echo in the hearts of those you moved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Musical Legacy

Who was August 08 and what was his musical journey?

August 08, also known as August Grant, was a talented singer, songwriter, and producer from South Los Angeles. He began his musical journey at a young age, inspired by drumming and influenced by his love for cinema.

What was the significance of August 08’s debut EP “Father”?

August 08’s debut EP “Father” was a deeply personal project that explored his relationship with his absent father. The lead single, “Funeral,” delved into emotions often left unspoken, resonating with many who shared similar experiences.

What other projects did August 08 work on?

Following “Father,” August 08 continued to make waves with EPs like “Happy Endings With an Asterisk” and “Emotional Cuh.” He also contributed to the 88rising collective’s compilations “Head in the Clouds” and “Head in the Clouds II.”

How did August 08’s journey progress in 2022?

In a remarkable step, August 08 became the first artist to sign with Jhené Aiko’s label venture, Allel Sound, under Def Jam Recordings. His debut album, “Seasick,” arrived shortly after, featuring collaborations with Jhené Aiko, Schoolboy Q, and Joji.

How did August 08’s passing impact the music community?

August 08’s untimely passing left a void in the music world. His unique blend of vulnerability and musical brilliance touched countless lives, leaving behind a legacy that will continue to inspire and resonate with listeners.

What is August 08’s lasting message to his audience?

Through his music, August 08 reminds us of the power of art to connect and heal. His story encourages us to confront our emotions openly and cherish the moments that shape us, leaving an enduring impact on those who appreciate his artistry.

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TechGeek19 August 30, 2023 - 3:29 am

wait up, august 08 was into gadgets n tech too? didn’t c that comin’. guess creativity flows in all directions. cool stuff, dude!

MovieBuff88 August 30, 2023 - 10:50 am

omg, did u read this? august 08 was all about cinema n music blend. total genius move. gonna watch some Wes Anderson now, thx 2 him.


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