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The Wrens’ Charles Bissell Says Band Is Over, Announces Song From New Solo Project Car Colors

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Car Colors

Charles Bissell, one of the co-frontmen of The Wrens, has dropped a bombshell on fans by declaring that the band is no more. However, fear not, fellow music enthusiasts, because he’s not disappearing from the music scene entirely. Bissell is embarking on a new solo adventure called Car Colors, set to make its grand entrance on November 17. Brace yourselves for the three-track debut single titled “Old Death,” which is just a taste of what’s to come with an album slated for early 2024, according to an enticing press release. Even more exciting is the fact that Bissell has reunited with Absolutely Kosher, The Wrens’ old label home, for this musical journey.

Now, let’s dive into the juicy details. “Old Death” is more than just a song; it’s Bissell’s “life as The Odyssey disguised as a pop album,” as he himself described it in the press materials. That’s quite the promise, isn’t it? And there’s more – the single will include not one but two B-sides: “And It’s All Guns and Arrows” and “I’ll Bear.” It’s like a musical buffet for your ears.

But wait, rewind a bit. The demise of The Wrens might not be as clear-cut as it seems. Back in 2021, Kevin Whelan, another member of the band, threw a curveball by introducing a new project named Aeon Station. The debut album of Aeon Station, called “Observatory,” was mostly comprised of Whelan’s songs that had originally been earmarked for The Wrens’ follow-up to their beloved album “The Meadowlands.” And here’s the kicker – three out of four members of The Wrens, including Kevin Whelan, his brother Greg, and Jerry MacDonald, are part of Aeon Station. So, while Charles Bissell is branching out into solo territory, The Wrens’ legacy continues in a different form.

In fact, Aeon Station had something to say about this too. In response to Bissell’s announcement, they made it clear that just because Charles is departing doesn’t necessarily mean the band is breaking up. They’re still working together, crafting music, and even hitting the stage as Aeon Station. The future is shrouded in mystery, and who knows what it holds for The Wrens?

Meanwhile, Aeon Station released their debut album “Observatory” under the Sub Pop label. Interestingly, Sub Pop had plans to release a new album by The Wrens as well, but Bissell revealed that he “wriggled out of the Sub Pop contract last December.” Sub Pop has remained tight-lipped on the matter, declining to comment despite multiple inquiries from Newsound.

To add a bit of context to all this drama, back in 2021, when Aeon Station was announced, Bissell seemed to have sensed that The Wrens were on life support. Upon hearing about Aeon Station, he reportedly thought that The Wrens were done for and began making plans for his own album.

In his interview with The Guardian, Bissell didn’t hold back, claiming that he poured “hundreds of hours” into songs that found their way onto “Observatory,” some of which went uncredited. So, as the dust settles on The Wrens’ tumultuous journey, Charles Bissell takes center stage with Car Colors, while the rest of the band soldiers on with Aeon Station. What the future holds for these musical pioneers remains a tantalizing mystery, but one thing’s for sure – the world of indie music just got a lot more interesting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Indie Music Evolution

What is Car Colors, and who is Charles Bissell?

Car Colors is Charles Bissell’s new solo project in the music scene. Charles Bissell is one of the co-frontmen of the rock band The Wrens.

What’s the significance of “Old Death”?

“Old Death” is the debut single from Car Colors, and it offers a glimpse into Bissell’s new musical direction. He describes it as his “life as The Odyssey disguised as a pop album.”

Is The Wrens officially disbanded?

Charles Bissell’s departure from The Wrens doesn’t necessarily mean the band has broken up entirely. Aeon Station, featuring three out of four Wrens members, continues to create music and perform.

What’s the story with Aeon Station and Sub Pop?

Aeon Station, featuring members of The Wrens, released their debut album “Observatory” under the Sub Pop label. However, Charles Bissell revealed he left Sub Pop’s contract in December.

What’s the future outlook for The Wrens and indie music?

The future remains uncertain, but Charles Bissell’s solo project and Aeon Station provide exciting new directions for these indie music pioneers. The indie music scene continues to evolve.

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