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SZA Unveils Stripped-Down Rendition of “Snooze” with Justin Bieber: Give it a Listen!

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Acoustic Rendition

SZA has gifted fans with a fresh, acoustic rendition of her hit “Snooze,” featuring none other than the ever-talented Justin Bieber. This track originally graced her 2022 album, SOS, and fans were already treated to the sight of Bieber in the music video released back in August. But now, brace yourselves for a new perspective on this chart-topper as you delve into “Snooze (Acoustic).”

In a recent electrifying performance in the heart of New York on September 8, SZA dropped a tantalizing hint about an upcoming deluxe version of SOS, tentatively named “Lana,” slated for release sometime this fall. And if that’s not enough to get you buzzing, there’s another musical gem in store – a fresh collaboration with none other than Drake, entitled “Slime You Out,” set to grace our ears at noon today (September 15).

SZA’s been a globe-trotter this summer, wrapping up a sensational European tour. But she’s not done just yet. Come the end of September, she’s hitting the road once more, this time for a second round of North American shows in support of the SOS album. It’s clear that SZA is keeping the musical fire burning, and her fans couldn’t be happier.

Shifting the spotlight to Justin Bieber, it’s worth noting that his most recent album, “Justice,” dropped in 2021, delivering a wave of hits that had us all dancing. In a surprising move earlier this year, he made headlines by selling his music catalog to Hipgnosis for a whopping $200 million, a deal that set records as the largest acquisition for the company at the time. Plus, Bieber graced us with his presence on Skrillex’s February EP, “Don’t Get Too Close,” proving that his musical magic knows no bounds.

So, if you’re in the mood for some soothing acoustic vibes and a taste of what these two musical powerhouses can create together, do yourself a favor and give “Snooze (Acoustic)” a spin. It’s the perfect way to kick back and enjoy a musical journey brought to you by SZA and Justin Bieber. Enjoy!

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