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South L.A. Music Phenom August 08 Passes Away at 31

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Musician's Legacy

South Los Angeles-based artist August 08, renowned for his multifaceted roles as a singer, songwriter, and producer, has tragically passed away at the young age of 31. The music collective 88rising, where he was once a member, broke the heartbreaking news via Instagram, though specifics regarding the cause of death remain undisclosed. The collective’s heartfelt message read: “In memoriam of August, a gentle soul with towering talent, your absence leaves a void that words can’t fill. Your mentorship and unyielding friendship have enriched our lives for years. Your aura, wisdom, and love live on in every tune, every room you ever lit up.”

Born as Ray Jacobs and also known by the moniker August Grant, August 08 often credited his initial interest in drumming to his mother, who along with his aunt and grandmother, gifted him a drum machine when he was just a young boy. In his formative teenage years, he lived with his uncle and cousins, diving deep into the world of music production. His cousins also introduced him to the cinematic world, serving as a major muse for his musical aspirations. In a previous interview, he reminisced, “Growing up, movies were my thing. It all clicked when I saw my first Wes Anderson film among others—it was like they lit a creative fire in me.”

In the spring of 2018, he burst onto the music scene with his first EP, Father, released under the banners of 88rising and Red Bull Records. August 08 elaborated on the project, saying, “The EP revolves around my dad who left me when I was around 11 or 12. I aimed to craft it in such a way that anyone who has walked in my shoes could connect with it. The discussion around absentee fathers and the emotional toll it takes is often avoided, and that’s what makes the lead single, ‘Funeral,’ so crucial—it urges people to speak their truth now rather than later.”

Following his debut, he graced fans with two more EPs, Happy Endings With an Asterisk and Emotional Cuh, all the while contributing to 88rising’s Head in the Clouds compilations.

In a groundbreaking move in July 2022, August 08 was unveiled as the inaugural artist to join Allel Sound, a new imprint under Def Jam Recordings spearheaded by Jhené Aiko. Aiko gushed about her recruit, stating, “As someone who also calls L.A. home, I couldn’t be prouder of August. His undeniable talent, dedication to the craft, and down-to-earth attitude are awe-inspiring. I hold immense respect for his creative process.” Shortly after this high-profile signing, August 08 launched his debut full-length album, Seasick, collaborating with luminaries like Aiko, Schoolboy Q, and fellow 88rising graduate, Joji.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Musician’s Legacy

Who was August 08 and what was his role in the music industry?

August 08 was a South Los Angeles-based artist known for his roles as a singer, songwriter, and producer. He was a member of the music collective 88rising and had a remarkable impact on the industry with his unique talents.

What was the significance of August 08’s debut EP “Father”?

“Father” was August 08’s debut EP, released in May 2018. It held deep personal significance as it revolved around his relationship with his absent father. The lead single, “Funeral,” highlighted the importance of addressing emotions and issues rather than waiting for a later time.

How did August 08 draw inspiration from cinema in his music?

August 08 found inspiration in cinema, particularly films like those by Wes Anderson. These movies ignited his creative spark and influenced his musical journey, adding a unique cinematic touch to his work.

What was August 08’s connection to Allel Sound and Def Jam Recordings?

In July 2022, August 08 became the first artist to sign with Allel Sound, an imprint under Def Jam Recordings led by Jhené Aiko. This partnership marked a significant step in his career, allowing him to collaborate with established artists and make his mark on the music industry.

What was August 08’s debut album “Seasick” all about?

“Seasick” was August 08’s debut album, released shortly after joining Allel Sound. It featured collaborations with notable artists like Jhené Aiko, Schoolboy Q, and Joji. The album encapsulated his growth as an artist and showcased his diverse musical influences.

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