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Soul Glo Share Graphic Video for New Song “If I Speak (Shut the Fuck Up)”: Watch

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Soul Glo has made a fiery return to the music scene with their latest track titled “If I Speak (Shut the Heck Up),” and they’re making quite the statement with a bold and graphic music video directed by the talented Ava LaPrima. Brace yourselves, because this video doesn’t hold back. In this uncensored visual masterpiece, you’ll witness four individuals who are bound and blindfolded engaging in some unconventional activities involving dildos attached to a wall. The less intense version of the music video is right below for your eyes to feast on, but if you’re feeling adventurous and truly want the unfiltered experience, you can head over to Soul Glo’s official website to catch the uncensored version.

Behind the scenes, it’s worth noting that Soul Glo’s guitarist extraordinaire, GG Guerra, took the reins as the producer for “If I Speak (Shut the Heck Up)” at Philadelphia’s very own Jamtown Recording Studio. Evan Bernard lent his drum engineering skills to give the track that rhythmic punch, while the mixing wizardry of Steve Evetts and mastering magic by Alan Douches brought the song to its final form.

The band’s lead vocalist, Pierce Jordan, had a few words to share about the inspiration behind the song. In his own words, “‘If I Speak’ encapsulates the idea of expressing oneself through artistic endeavors or other forms of creative outlets.” Pierce continued by adding, “It’s fascinating how you can almost sense when someone’s online presence overshadows their musical journey, or when visuals take precedence over the auditory experience.”

In the midst of this musical storm, there’s another exciting tidbit: “If I Speak (Shut the Heck Up)” is just the latest chapter in Soul Glo’s ongoing journey. It follows their previous release, “Diaspora Problems,” and sets the stage for their co-headlining tour alongside the sensational Zulu.

As trends come and go, and new music graces our ears, it’s important to remember that music has the power to convey powerful messages and emotions, just like the members of Soul Glo are doing with their distinctive sound. So, whether you’re a die-hard fan eagerly awaiting their live performances or a curious newcomer delving into their innovative tunes, Soul Glo’s “If I Speak (Shut the Heck Up)” is undoubtedly a track that’s leaving a lasting impression on the intersection of music, art, and expression.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Expressive

What is the inspiration behind Soul Glo’s song “If I Speak (Shut the Heck Up)”?

Soul Glo’s lead vocalist, Pierce Jordan, explained that the song is about channeling one’s voice and perspective through creative expression, like art and music. The track emphasizes the balance between online presence and musical journey.

Where can I watch the music video for “If I Speak (Shut the Heck Up)”?

You can watch the slightly censored version of the music video below the article. For the uncensored version, head over to Soul Glo’s official website to experience the full artistic impact.

Who directed the graphic music video for “If I Speak (Shut the Heck Up)”?

The music video was directed by Ava LaPrima, who brought a bold and innovative visual interpretation to the song’s message.

How was the song produced and recorded?

Soul Glo’s guitarist, GG Guerra, took charge of producing “If I Speak (Shut the Heck Up)” at Philadelphia’s Jamtown Recording Studio. The track features additional drum engineering by Evan Bernard and was mixed by Steve Evetts and mastered by Alan Douches.

What’s next for Soul Glo after releasing this song?

Following the release of “If I Speak (Shut the Heck Up),” Soul Glo is gearing up for a co-headlining tour with Zulu, which promises to be an exciting and dynamic live experience.

What’s the significance of the uncensored video’s content?

The uncensored video delivers a thought-provoking visual statement that complements the song’s theme of artistic expression and creativity. It’s an intense portrayal of pushing boundaries and igniting conversations through music and visuals.

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