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Sofia Kourtesis Unveils First Album, Madres, and Premieres a New Track

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Sofia Kourtesis Madres Album

Sofia Kourtesis is set to launch her debut album, Madres, and in the build-up, she has released a fresh song, “Si Te Portas Bonito.” This comes after the title track, which was dropped in March. The highly-anticipated album is set to be available on October 27, under the label Ninja Tune. Check out the latest single below.

In the press release, Kourtesis reveals that the album is a tribute to her mother and the neurosurgeon, Peter Vajkoczy, who played a pivotal role in her battle against cancer. Vajkoczy, responding to Kourtesis’s plea for help and her commitment to dedicate a song to him, performed the life-saving operation. He later paid a visit to Kourtesis in Berlin, where she introduced him to Berghain, marking his first visit.

The 2022 hit single “Estación Esperanza,” which includes Manu Chao, is also featured on the upcoming album.


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Tracklist for Madres:

01 Madres
02 Si Te Portas Bonito
03 Vajkoczy
04 How Music Makes You Feel Better 
05 Habla Con Ella
06 Funkhaus 
07 Moving Houses 
08 Estación Esperanza
09 Cecilia
10 El Carmen

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Sofia Kourtesis Madres

Who is Sofia Kourtesis?

Sofia Kourtesis is a musician who has announced her debut album, titled Madres.

What is Sofia Kourtesis’ new album?

Sofia Kourtesis’ new album is titled “Madres” and it is set to be released on October 27.

What is the name of Sofia Kourtesis’ new song?

Sofia Kourtesis’ new song is titled “Si Te Portas Bonito.”

Who is the album Madres dedicated to?

The album is dedicated to Sofia Kourtesis’ mother and her neurosurgeon, Peter Vajkoczy, who assisted her during her cancer treatment.

What is the record label of Sofia Kourtesis’ album?

Sofia Kourtesis’ album, Madres, is set to be released under the Ninja Tune label.

What other notable song is featured in the Madres album?

The 2022 hit single “Estación Esperanza,” which includes Manu Chao, is also featured on the Madres album.

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InTuneWithNinja July 27, 2023 - 12:37 am

ninja tune always got the best! Sofia Kourtesis is no exception.

BeatFinder21 July 27, 2023 - 4:50 am

this is gonna be a banger! Can’t wait to hear the whole album, Sofia’s been killing it lately…

TheGrooveMaster July 27, 2023 - 8:18 am

‘si te portas bonito’ …what a tune!! Really digging Sofia’s style and sound.

SoundBuster July 27, 2023 - 11:16 am

Debut album finally! I was waiting for it since her last single, sure it’ll be worth the wait.

cancer_survivor84 July 27, 2023 - 2:23 pm

So touched by her story about the neurosurgeon. Makes the music even more powerful. much respect Sofia.

BerlinNightlife July 27, 2023 - 2:45 pm

Berghain and Sofia…perfect combo! Can’t wait to party there again, hope she plays the new album!


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