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Scream Announce New Album DC Special, Share New Song: Listen

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Hardcore Revival

Scream, the Virginia-bred hardcore legends, have unleashed exciting news for fans with their long-awaited return to the music scene. After a hiatus of twelve years, they’ve announced their forthcoming album, aptly titled “DC Special,” set to hit the shelves on November 10 through Dischord Records. And that’s not all – they’ve also treated us to a sneak peek of their musical revival with the track “DC Special Sha La La.” But wait, there’s more! We’ve got the full tracklist and a glimpse at their upcoming tour dates.

Skeeter Enoch Thompson, Kent Stax, and the Stahl brothers, Franz and Pete, first stormed onto the scene with their debut album “Still Screaming” in 1983. Fast forward to 2023, and they’re back with a vengeance for “DC Special.” This time, they teamed up with the seasoned duo of Don Zientara and Ian Mackaye at Zientara’s legendary Inner Ear Studio (which sadly closed its doors in 2021) to craft their musical masterpiece. The album doesn’t just feature the core band members; it also boasts contributions from a talented lineup including Amy Pickering, Mark Cisneros, Joe Lally, and more. But the surprises don’t end there – Dave Grohl, who briefly held the drumsticks for the band in the late 1980s, makes a special appearance on “DC Special.”

Scream’s last brush with new music was in 2011 when they dropped their “Complete Control Recording Sessions EP.” If you’re reaching even further back, their most recent studio album prior to “DC Special” was “Fumble” in 1993.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the “DC Special” tracklist:

  1. DC Special Sha La La
  2. Bored to Life
  3. Somebody Love
  4. Hel Nah
  5. Tum Tum
  6. Represent
  7. Dead Cities
  8. Last of the Soft
  9. Vanishing Commissars
  10. The Flam
  11. Lifeline
  12. Call it a Night
  13. Faces
  14. Politics is Entertainment
  15. Black and White
  16. Lifeline Redux
  17. Smile and Bleed
  18. I Saw Ya (Wanna Be Life Captain)

If you’re eager to catch Scream live in action, they’ve lined up an impressive set of tour dates:

  • September 24: Washington, DC – MLK Library (with Trouble Funk)
  • October 27: Los Angeles, CA – Zebulon (with Soul Side)
  • October 29: San Francisco, CA – Bottom of the Hill (with Soul Side)
  • October 31: Portland, OR – Mississippi Studios (with Soul Side)
  • November 1: Portland, OR – The Vera Project (with Soul Side)
  • December 7: Washington, DC – Black Cat (with Soul Side)
  • December 8: Brooklyn, NY – The Meadows (with Soul Side)
  • December 9: Medford (Boston), MA – Deep Cuts (with Soul Side)
  • December 10: Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brendas (with Soul Side)

So, mark your calendars, music enthusiasts! Scream is back with a vengeance, and “DC Special” promises to be a rollercoaster ride through the world of hardcore music, with a few surprise twists and turns along the way. Get ready to rock! _xD83C__xDFB8__xD83E__xDD18_

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Hardcore Revival

Q: When was Scream’s last album release before “DC Special”?

A: Scream’s previous studio album was “Fumble,” which came out in 1993.

Q: Who are the core members of Scream?

A: The band’s core members include Skeeter Enoch Thompson, Kent Stax, and the Stahl brothers, Franz and Pete.

Q: Who are some of the guest contributors on “DC Special”?

A: “DC Special” features contributions from various artists, including Amy Pickering, Mark Cisneros, Joe Lally, and the iconic Dave Grohl.

Q: Where was “DC Special” recorded?

A: The album was recorded at Don Zientara’s Inner Ear Studio, a renowned studio that unfortunately closed its original location in 2021.

Q: What’s the release date for “DC Special”?

A: “DC Special” is set to be released on November 10.

Q: Are there any tour dates announced for Scream’s upcoming tour?

A: Yes, Scream has a series of tour dates lined up, starting on September 24 in Washington, DC, and spanning various cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and more. Check the tour dates for a show near you!

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MusicLover42 September 20, 2023 - 12:25 am

DC Special Sha La La is awesme, Scream still got it after all these years

GigGoer23 September 20, 2023 - 11:36 am

Saw them live in ’91, gonna c them again in Dec in Brooklyn!


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