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Ragana Unveils Upcoming Album Titled Desolation’s Flower, Debuts New Track: Tune In

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Ragana New Album

Ragana, the metal duo consisting of Maria and Coley (who prefer not to use their surnames), has its roots in the early 2010s DIY punk scene of Olympia, Washington. Now, they divide their time between Olympia and Oakland. The pair’s fresh album, Desolation’s Flower, is slated for release on October 27, under the banner of The Flenser, marking their first release for the record label.

The inaugural title track of the album, according to the band, is “a song of thanks honoring the queer and trans forebears, whether known or anonymous, blood-related or bonded by kinship, whose delight and persistence pave the way for our existence, and whose legacy motivates and aids us in standing against the rising wave of overtly displayed hatred and oppression.” The track can be found below for your listening pleasure.

Desolation’s Flower Tracklist:

01 Desolation’s Flower
02 Woe
03 Ruins
04 DTA
05 Winter’s Light Pt. 2
06 Pain
07 In the Light of the Burning World

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ragana New Album

Who are the members of the metal duo Ragana?

Ragana is a metal duo consisting of two artists named Maria and Coley, who choose not to disclose their last names.

Where did Ragana originate?

Ragana originated from the Olympia, Washington DIY punk scene in the early 2010s.

What is the name of Ragana’s new album?

Ragana’s new album is titled “Desolation’s Flower.”

When is Ragana’s new album releasing?

Ragana’s new album, “Desolation’s Flower,” is set to release on October 27.

Which record label is releasing Ragana’s new album?

The Flenser is the record label releasing Ragana’s new album, “Desolation’s Flower.”

What is the theme of the opening title track of “Desolation’s Flower”?

The opening title track of “Desolation’s Flower” is described by the band as a song of gratitude for queer and trans ancestors, whose joy and survival make our lives possible and inspire resistance against hatred and oppression.

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