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Model/Actriz Unveils New Track “Winnipesaukee”: A Snowy Dreamland Revealed

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Model/Actriz Tour

Model/Actriz, the post-punk sensation, has gifted their fans with a brand-new song, “Winnipesaukee,” marking their return since the release of their album “Dogsbody” earlier this year. In this exciting development, we not only get to savor their latest creation but also learn more about the creative process behind it.

According to Model/Actriz frontman Cole Haden, “Winnipesaukee” has been a long-standing gem in their live performances. This track’s origin story takes us back to 2021 when they were recording “Dogsbody” with Seth Manchester at Machines With Magnets. Haden reveals, “I initially used the word ‘Winnipesaukee’ (as in the lake in New Hampshire) as a placeholder while writing the lyrics because I knew I needed a single, repeatable, five-syllable, proper noun as the chorus.”

Interestingly, Haden has never set foot in the actual Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. Instead, the song transports us to a snowy dreamscape he envisioned, a place where solitary walks across snow-covered landscapes come to life through the music.

But that’s not all; Model/Actriz has more in store for their fans. They are hitting the road with an exciting lineup of tour dates, including shows alongside Interpol and The Armed. It’s a fantastic opportunity for fans to experience their music live and witness their creative energy in action.

Here are the upcoming tour dates for Model/Actriz:

  • 09-20 Oklahoma City, OK – Resonant Head
  • 09-22 Houston, TX – Black Magic Social Club
  • 09-23 Austin, TX – Still Hot Block Party Festival
  • 09-24 Austin, TX – Mohawk Indoor
  • 09-27 Los Angeles, CA – The Echo
  • 09-28 Los Angeles, CA – The Echo
  • 09-29 San Francisco, CA – Thee Parkside
  • 09-30 San Francisco, CA – Portola Music Festival
  • 10-03 Salt Lake City, UT – The Urban Lounge
  • 10-06 Fort Collins, CO – The Coast
  • 10-07 Denver, CO – Lost Lake
  • 10-09 Omaha, NE – Reverb Lounge
  • 10-10 Lawrence, KS – The Bottleneck
  • 10-11 St Louis, MO – Off Broadway
  • 10-13 Iowa City, IA – Infinite Dream Festival
  • 10-14 Minneapolis, MN – Icehouse
  • 10-15 Chicago, IL – The Hideout
  • 10-16 Grand Rapids, MI – The Pyramid Scheme
  • 10-18 Toronto, Ontario – The Garrison
  • 11-02 Turin, Italy – C2C Festival
  • 11-04 Manchester, England – Yes Pink
  • 11-05 Glasgow, Scotland – King Tut’s
  • 11-06 Birmingham, England – Hare & Hounds
  • 11-07 Bristol, England – Dareshack
  • 11-08 London, England – fabric
  • 11-10 Brighton, England – Club Revenge
  • 11-11 Kortrijk, Belgium – Sonic City Festival
  • 11-12 Utrecht, Netherlands – Le Guess Who? Festival
  • 11-13 Cologne, Germany – Helio37
  • 11-15 Paris, France – Point Éphémère
  • 11-16 Basel, Switzerland – Gannet
  • 11-18 Benidorm, Spain – Primavera Weekender
  • 11-20 Lisbon, Portugal – ZDB
  • 11-21 Lisbon, Portugal – ZDB
  • 12-07 Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall
  • 12-08 Pawtucket, RI – Machines With Magnets
  • 12-09 New Haven, CT – The Shop
  • 12-13 Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall of Williamsburg (A Very Model/Actriz Chrismukkah 3)
  • 12-14 New York, NY – Beacon Theatre (with Interpol)
  • 12-15 Detroit, MI – Saint Andrews (with The Armed)
  • 12-16 Chicago, IL – The Metro (with The Armed)

This tour promises to be an exhilarating experience for fans of Model/Actriz. With a mix of international and domestic dates, they are set to captivate audiences around the world with their unique brand of music.

So, whether you’re a die-hard fan or just discovering Model/Actriz, make sure to mark your calendar for one of these unforgettable shows. Who knows, you might even get to experience the enchanting “Winnipesaukee” live and immerse yourself in the snowy dreamland it conjures.

Stay tuned for more updates on Model/Actriz’s musical journey, and don’t forget to grab your tickets for a night of post-punk magic!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Model/Actriz Tour

What is the significance of Model/Actriz’s new song “Winnipesaukee”?

Model/Actriz’s new song “Winnipesaukee” is a captivating addition to their music catalog. It offers a unique blend of post-punk sounds and a glimpse into a snowy dreamland, as described by frontman Cole Haden.

Can you tell me more about the inspiration behind “Winnipesaukee”?

Certainly! “Winnipesaukee” was initially created as a placeholder word for the chorus while writing the lyrics. Cole Haden, the band’s frontman, chose it because of its five-syllable, proper noun structure. Interestingly, the song isn’t based on the actual Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire but rather paints a vivid picture of a snowy landscape Haden daydreamed about.

When and where can I catch Model/Actriz live in concert?

Model/Actriz has an exciting lineup of tour dates scheduled for 2023. They’ll be performing in various cities across the United States and internationally. Notable shows include performances alongside Interpol and The Armed. Check out the full list of tour dates in the article to find a concert near you.

Where can I purchase tickets for Model/Actriz’s upcoming shows?

To purchase tickets for Model/Actriz’s upcoming concerts, you can visit Ticketmaster or the respective ticketing platforms for the specific venues. Be sure to grab your tickets early to ensure you don’t miss out on their electrifying live performances.

Is there more to come from Model/Actriz in the near future?

While the article focuses on their latest release and tour dates, it’s safe to say that Model/Actriz is a band known for their creativity and energy. Keep an eye on their official channels and social media for updates on future releases, projects, and exciting developments in their musical journey.

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