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Melvins Drummer Dale Crover’s Unfortunate Setback: Emergency Spinal Surgery Forces Him to Miss 2023 Tour

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Tour Disruption

In a twist of events that no one saw coming, Melvins, the iconic rock band set to embark on a co-headlining tour with Boris, received an unexpected blow. The tour, slated to run from August 24 to October, has been hit with a major shake-up as the band’s longtime drummer, Dale Crover, finds himself sidelined due to unforeseen medical circumstances. Melvins took to social media to share the unfortunate news that Crover requires immediate emergency spinal surgery, rendering him unable to take the stage alongside his bandmates during the North American journey.

Despite the gravity of the situation, there’s a silver lining in the form of Coady Willis, a familiar face within the Melvins family. Willis, who has spent over eight years as part of the fold, working closely with Crover on numerous tours, will step up to the plate and assume drumming duties. It’s a serendipitous alignment of skills and experience that could very well prove to be the saving grace of this tour.

As the members of Melvins rally to keep the show on the road, it’s clear that the decision to proceed was no easy feat. With Mr. Phylzzz making his way from Chicago to L.A. and Boris jetting in from Japan, the determination to support not only their fellow bandmates but also the fans holding tickets, is palpable. The bands involved have come together, united by a shared commitment to the music and a genuine concern for their comrade’s well-being.

In a heartfelt message to fans, Melvins expressed their solidarity and urged for the same from their devoted audience during this challenging period. Their topmost priority unquestionably lies in Dale Crover’s health and recovery journey. The band’s relentless dedication to ensuring he receives the best care possible is a testament to their unwavering bond and camaraderie.

The tour’s itinerary reads like a map of musical destinations, including notable stops at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles, as well as cities like San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, and Denver. The grand finale is set to unfold at the House of Blues in San Diego on October 14, a culmination that promises to be as momentous as the journey itself.

As the Melvins and their fans face this unexpected twist in the road together, there’s a sense of shared determination and optimism that courses through the message. Dale Crover’s absence is deeply felt, but the rhythm of the tour lives on, carried by the beats of Coady Willis. The show must go on, and as the stage lights up in the coming weeks, it will be a testament not just to the power of music but to the resilience and unity of a community brought together by their passion for it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Tour Disruption

What happened to Dale Crover, the drummer of Melvins?

Dale Crover, the longtime drummer of Melvins, had to undergo immediate emergency spinal surgery, forcing him to miss the 2023 co-headlining tour with Boris.

Who will be replacing Dale Crover on the tour?

Coady Willis, a member of the Melvins family for over 8 years, will step in to take over drumming duties in Dale Crover’s absence.

How is Dale Crover’s health?

According to Melvins, Dale Crover is “doing as well as can be expected considering the severity of the situation.” The band is dedicated to supporting his recovery.

Is the tour still happening despite Dale Crover’s absence?

Yes, despite the setback, Melvins and Boris are committed to continuing the tour as scheduled. The bands aim to support Dale Crover, each other, and the ticket holders.

What cities are included in the tour?

The tour includes stops in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, and Denver, with the final performance at the House of Blues San Diego.

How can fans show their support during this time?

Melvins has asked for fans’ solidarity and understanding during this challenging period. The band’s primary concern is Dale Crover’s health and recovery.

Who is Coady Willis, and why is he stepping in?

Coady Willis has been part of the Melvins family for over 8 years and has trained alongside Dale Crover on many tours. His experience and skills make him a fitting replacement during this time.

How can I stay updated on Dale Crover’s recovery and the tour?

Keep an eye on Melvins’ social media accounts and official announcements for updates on Dale Crover’s health progress and the tour’s developments.

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