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Lizzo Faces Legal Battle Over Alleged Poor Working Conditions

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Workplace Allegations

Lizzo, the Grammy-winning artist known for her vibrant music and bold personality, is currently entangled in another legal dispute. Asha Daniels, a former member of Lizzo’s tour wardrobe department, has recently filed a lawsuit alleging a range of issues, including long working hours without breaks and instances of racism and fatphobia within Lizzo’s team, as reported by TMZ.

Daniels claims that during her time on tour, she often endured grueling 20-hour shifts without adequate breaks. Even more troubling, she alleges that Amanda Nomura, a member of Lizzo’s team, made derogatory comments about Black women on the tour, using hurtful words like “dumb,” “useless,” and “fat.” This lawsuit comes on the heels of another legal challenge initiated by three dancers earlier in August, who accused Lizzo and her team of sexual harassment and body shaming. At the time of this report, Newsound has reached out to Daniels’ lawyer for further details regarding the case.

Within the lawsuit, Daniels further claims that Nomura rolled a clothing rack over her ankle, leading to an injury. Shockingly, when she sought relief by wearing Crocs to ease the swelling, she was reprimanded. Daniels asserts that she raised these issues with Lizzo’s tour manager, Carlina Gugliotta, who advised her to gather video evidence. However, Daniels felt this would be unethical. She also alleges that she was prohibited from wearing provocative clothing around Lizzo, supposedly because Lizzo didn’t want her boyfriend around other attractive women. This hostile work environment ultimately led to Daniels’ termination, resulting in ongoing emotional and physical distress, including anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, migraines, ocular distortions, brain fog, and fatigue.

In response to these allegations, Lizzo’s spokesman, Stefan Friedman, issued a statement. He characterized the lawsuit as a “bogus” and “absurd publicity stunt” orchestrated by an opportunistic lawyer. Friedman asserted that the plaintiff, Asha Daniels, had never even met or spoken with Lizzo. He emphasized that, as Lizzo was being honored with a Humanitarian Award by the Black Music Action Coalition, they would not pay undue attention to this legal matter.

It’s important to note that the previous lawsuit, filed in August, named Lizzo, her Big Grrl Big Touring production company, and her dance captain, Shirlene Quigley, as defendants. This lawsuit cited instances of racial and disability discrimination, as well as an incident in Amsterdam where Lizzo allegedly pressured a dancer to touch a nude performer’s breasts. Additionally, Lizzo was accused of encouraging dancers to engage in explicit activities during a performance.

In response to the earlier lawsuit, Lizzo vehemently denied the “false allegations,” expressing her commitment to addressing any discomfort or feelings of undervaluation among her team members. She conveyed her intention to not be viewed as a victim, despite media portrayals to the contrary.

In response, the original plaintiffs—Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez—reiterated and expanded on their claims to CNN. They emphasized the gravity of the situation, highlighting that they initially brushed off the troubling behavior as industry norms. Davis expressed her disappointment and frustration with Lizzo’s denial and efforts to discredit their claims.

It’s worth noting that in late August, it was revealed that 14 Lizzo dancers had settled a separate lawsuit earlier in the year. This lawsuit involved a dispute over payment for their appearance in the 2022 documentary “Love, Lizzo.” A settlement of $109,551 was reached in February, involving a “Lizzo entity” and co-production company Boardwalk Pictures.

As these legal battles unfold, they cast a shadow over the charismatic artist’s career, prompting questions about working conditions within the entertainment industry and the treatment of those who contribute to its success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Workplace Allegations

What are the key allegations in the lawsuit against Lizzo?

The lawsuit against Lizzo includes allegations of long working hours without breaks, instances of racism and fatphobia within her team, and injuries suffered by the plaintiff, Asha Daniels, including an incident where a clothing rack was rolled over her ankle.

How has Lizzo responded to these allegations?

Lizzo’s spokesman, Stefan Friedman, has dismissed the lawsuit as a “bogus” and “absurd publicity stunt,” emphasizing that the plaintiff, Asha Daniels, had never met or spoken with Lizzo. He stated that they would not give undue attention to the legal matter.

What were the previous allegations made against Lizzo and her team?

In a previous lawsuit filed in August, Lizzo and her team were accused of racial and disability discrimination. Additionally, there were allegations of Lizzo pressuring a dancer into inappropriate activities during a performance in Amsterdam.

How did Lizzo respond to the previous allegations?

Lizzo denied the “false allegations” and expressed her commitment to addressing any discomfort or feelings of undervaluation among her team members. She emphasized that she did not intend to be seen as a victim.

Has there been a prior settlement involving Lizzo and her dancers?

Yes, it was revealed that 14 Lizzo dancers settled a separate lawsuit earlier in the year. This lawsuit involved a payment dispute related to their appearance in the documentary “Love, Lizzo,” with a settlement of $109,551 reached in February.

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MusicLover23 September 22, 2023 - 2:53 pm

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didn’t expect this from lizzo, hope it’s all sorted out soon.

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this story’s got it all, drama, controversy, and more.

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crazy stuff, the entertainment industry can be harsh.


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