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Lizzo Addresses Accusations in Harassment Lawsuit: “Too Absurd to Remain Unaddressed”

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Lizzo harassment lawsuit

Lizzo has made a public response regarding the lawsuit that has been initiated by three of her previous dancers, stating that the “baseless accusations” are “as implausible as they appear and too absurd to remain unaddressed.” The performers are charging Lizzo with sexual harassment, fostering an adverse work ambiance, in addition to claiming compensation for emotional trauma including unpaid salaries, loss of potential earnings, and legal expenses. 

Lizzo expressed via social media, “Passion breeds intense work and lofty standards. Sometimes I have to take difficult steps but it’s never my goal to create discomfort or make anyone feel devalued as a significant part of the team. I am not here to be perceived as a victim, but it’s crucial to understand that I am not the antagonist that the public and the press have painted me to be in the past few days. I am very candid about my sexuality and self-expression but I cannot tolerate or allow people to exploit that transparency to depict me as something I am not.” Read the complete statement below. 

Following the statement, the three litigants—Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez—made an appearance on CNN, providing additional details and restating the accusations from the lawsuit. Davis shared with CNN This Morning, “It wasn’t until I had left the troupe that I recognized the full extent of the inappropriate behavior, since I initially dismissed it as, you know, perhaps Lizzo being a diva, or just part of the industry, something we have to deal with.” Davis voiced that it was “discouraging” and “extremely exasperating” for Lizzo to refuse to acknowledge, and attempt to undermine, their claims. They released an official statement through their lawyer, Ron Zambrano, which you can read below. 

The lawsuit, lodged in Los Angeles Superior Court on August 1, lists Lizzo, her Big Grrl Big Touring production firm, and her dance captain Shirlene Quigley as defendants. The complaint outlines incidents of racial bias, disability discrimination, and a situation in Amsterdam where Lizzo purportedly coerced a dancer to touch a nude performer’s bare breasts. The lawsuit also alleges that Lizzo encouraged dancers to “catch dildos launched from the performers’ vaginas and eat bananas sticking out from the performers’ vaginas” on the same occasion.

The three litigants began their association with Lizzo in 2021. Williams alleges she was terminated after voicing her concerns during a rehearsal when Lizzo reportedly accused the dancers of consuming alcohol prior to rehearsals. Davis maintains that she was instantly dismissed after Lizzo found out she had recorded an April 27 meeting, which Davis claims she did due to a stress-induced eye disorder. Rodriguez states she voluntarily stepped down in response to Lizzo’s termination of Davis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Lizzo harassment lawsuit

Who has filed a lawsuit against Lizzo?

Three of Lizzo’s former dancers – Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez have filed a lawsuit against her.

What are the charges leveled against Lizzo in the lawsuit?

The charges in the lawsuit include sexual harassment, creating a hostile work environment, racial and disability discrimination, and causing emotional distress leading to unpaid wages, loss of earnings, and attorney fees.

How did Lizzo respond to the lawsuit?

Lizzo responded to the lawsuit on social media, stating that the allegations are as unbelievable as they sound and too outrageous not to be addressed. She insisted that while she has high standards, it is never her intention to make anyone feel uncomfortable or unvalued.

What incident has the lawsuit cited?

The lawsuit cites an incident in Amsterdam where Lizzo allegedly pressured a dancer into touching a nude performer’s bare breasts and urged dancers to engage in inappropriate behaviors.

What happened to the dancers who filed the lawsuit?

Williams alleges she was fired after voicing her concerns during a rehearsal, Davis alleges she was fired on the spot after recording a meeting due to a stress-related eye condition, and Rodriguez publicly resigned in response to Lizzo’s firing of Davis.

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