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Listen to Yeule’s New Song “Softscars”

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Yeule Softscars Album

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Discover Yeule’s Latest Song “Softscars”

Exciting news for music enthusiasts! Yeule has unveiled the title track from their highly-anticipated upcoming album, “Softscars,” set to grace digital platforms on September 22 via the renowned Ninja Tune label, with a physical release scheduled for October 6. In a recent press release, Yeule shared some insight into the inspiration behind this mesmerizing new single, saying, “In the garden of my mind, it’s dark and prickly sweet and sticky. And just like that, the scar in my heart slashed across the center, the most precious one was made.” Intrigued? Let’s dive into what “Softscars” has in store.

This latest release follows closely on the heels of Yeule’s previous single, “Inferno,” and a string of other captivating tracks like “Ghosts,” “Dazies,” and “Fish in the Pool.” Notably, “Sulky Baby,” Yeule’s debut Ninja Tune single, also piqued the interest of music aficionados. The creation of “Softscars” was a collaborative effort, with Yeule working alongside the talented Kin Leonn. But that’s not all – the album boasts additional production from renowned artists Mura Masa and Chris Greatti.

For those who’ve been following Yeule’s musical journey, you’ll remember their 2022 LP, “Glitch Princess.” However, “Softscars” takes a different turn, delving into personal experiences that allowed Yeule to embrace vulnerability. In their own words, “I was forcing myself to separate myself from my artist persona and trying to tone myself down because I felt like people wouldn’t like me if I was really that.” With “Softscars,” they aim to bridge the gap between their artistic identity and their true self.

Excitement doesn’t stop there! Yeule is gearing up for a fall tour in support of the new album, and they’ll be joined by the talented Sasami. It’s an opportunity for fans to experience the magic of “Softscars” live and in person.

So, mark your calendars for September 22 and get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Yeule’s “Softscars.” It’s a musical journey that promises to touch your heart and soul.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Yeule Softscars Album

Q: When will Yeule’s album “Softscars” be available digitally?

A: Yeule’s album “Softscars” is set to be available digitally on September 22.

Q: When can fans expect the physical release of “Softscars”?

A: The physical release of “Softscars” is scheduled for October 6, giving fans the opportunity to own a physical copy of this eagerly awaited album.

Q: Can you tell me more about the inspiration behind the single “Softscars”?

A: Yeule described the inspiration behind “Softscars” as a journey through the “garden of their mind,” where darkness intertwines with sweetness and stickiness. This unique mental landscape gave birth to a song that explores the scar in their heart, a scar that is now considered one of the most precious.

Q: Who were the collaborators on the “Softscars” album?

A: Yeule worked closely with collaborator Kin Leonn to produce the “Softscars” album. Additionally, the album features additional production contributions from renowned artists Mura Masa and Chris Greatti.

Q: How does “Softscars” differ from Yeule’s previous work like “Glitch Princess”?

A: While “Glitch Princess” showcased a different facet of Yeule’s artistry, “Softscars” takes a more personal turn. It delves into experiences that allowed Yeule to embrace vulnerability and find a balance between their artist persona and their true self.

Q: Are there any upcoming live performances related to the “Softscars” album?

A: Yes, indeed! Yeule will be embarking on a fall tour in support of the new album. Fans can catch them live, and they will be joined by the talented Sasami, making it a must-see musical experience.

Q: Where can I stay updated on the latest music news and trends?

A: For the latest updates on music news, trends, and exciting releases like “Softscars,” keep an eye on reputable music websites, blogs, and social media platforms dedicated to music enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more exciting music updates!

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