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J. Cole and Lil Yachty Share Video for New Song “The Secret Recipe”: Watch

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J. Cole and Lil Yachty have joined forces in a musical collaboration that’s making waves with their new track and accompanying music video, “The Secret Recipe.” While details about the project are still pending, you can already feast your eyes on the video below.

This dynamic pairing marks the first time J. Cole and Lil Yachty have worked together on a song, but their history goes back a bit further. Cast your mind back to 2011 and 2012, when a youthful Lil Yachty, at the tender age of 14, took to Twitter to express some rather anti-Cole sentiments. He tweeted gems like, “i just dont like j.cole…. never said he wasnt good,” and the infamous, “FUCKJCOLE.”

Fast forward to 2016, and Lil Yachty found himself in an interview addressing those tweets, saying, “I honestly can’t explain it. I don’t know why. Back in the day, I was heavy on saying, ‘F*** J. Cole.’ I don’t know why. His music is so lyrical—let me clear this up.”

He went on to clarify, “I f*** with J. Cole as a person. I don’t listen to J. Cole. But I have nothing against J. Cole. I was young, and I was just talking s***, trolling. I never thought I was gonna be a rapper.”

Lil Yachty concluded his statement with a diplomatic tone, saying, “I have no issues with J. Cole or his music, and if we ever bump into each other, I don’t want any problems.”

Interestingly, in December 2016, J. Cole dropped the track “Everybody Dies,” featuring lyrics that raised eyebrows across the rap scene:

“Clap at the fake deep rappers
The OG gatekeep rappers
The would-you-take-a-break-please rappers
Bunch of words and ain’t sayin’ s***, I hate these rappers
’Specially the amateur eight-week

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Collaboration

What is “The Secret Recipe” by J. Cole and Lil Yachty?

“The Secret Recipe” is a new hip-hop track and music video featuring J. Cole and Lil Yachty. It’s their first collaboration, addressing past tensions.

What’s the history behind J. Cole and Lil Yachty’s collaboration?

Lil Yachty had previously expressed negative sentiments about J. Cole on Twitter in his teenage years. However, in 2016, he clarified that he had no personal issues with J. Cole and was merely trolling at the time.

What’s the significance of J. Cole’s song “Everybody Dies” in this context?

J. Cole’s track “Everybody Dies” contained lyrics that some interpreted as a diss towards Lil Yachty and other “Lil” rappers. Lil Yachty responded by saying he didn’t take offense and actually respected J. Cole.

Is there any connection between J. Cole, Lil Yachty, and Lil Uzi Vert mentioned in the text?

Yes, there’s a connection. J. Cole had previously mentioned “Lil’ whatever” in his lyrics, which led to speculation about him dissing Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert. However, Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert both responded positively to J. Cole’s work, showing no hard feelings.

Where can I watch the music video for “The Secret Recipe”?

You can watch the music video for “The Secret Recipe” on the platform where it was released, likely on J. Cole and Lil Yachty’s official YouTube channels or music streaming platforms like Spotify.

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