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Grimes Shares New Song “I Wanna Be Software”: Listen

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Grimes I Wanna Be Software

Grimes Unveils New Track “I Wanna Be Software”: Tune In

Grimes has dropped her latest single, “I Wanna Be Software,” a track that she previously teased on TikTok with hashtags like “#dogs,” “#sloth,” and “#existentialism.” The song, which expresses a longing to be digitized into the cloud, was co-created with Illangelo, a frequent collaborator of The Weeknd. Give it a listen below.

The track’s landing page promotes it as “A fresh installment from Book I,” implying a new full-length project in the pipeline. Grimes’ previous release was “Welcome to the Opera,” a joint effort with Anyma, or Matteo Milleri from the Italian duo, Tale of Us. It marked her first release post-separation from Columbia Records this year, the company that had previously launched her post-“Miss Anthropocene” singles like “Player of Games” and “Shinigami Eyes.” In the interim, she has been encouraging artists to work with her AI voice via her Elf.Tech software, leading to quasi-collaborations such as Kito’s “Cold Touch.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Grimes I Wanna Be Software

What is the new song released by Grimes?

Grimes has recently released a new song titled “I Wanna Be Software.”

Who collaborated with Grimes on her new single “I Wanna Be Software”?

The new single “I Wanna Be Software” was co-produced by Grimes and Illangelo, a longtime collaborator of The Weeknd.

What does the song “I Wanna Be Software” talk about?

The song “I Wanna Be Software” describes a desire to be uploaded to the cloud.

What is “Book I” mentioned in the context of the song?

“Book I” is likely a reference to a forthcoming full-length project that Grimes is working on.

What was Grimes’s first single after leaving Columbia Records?

After parting ways with Columbia Records, Grimes’s first single was a collaboration with Anyma titled “Welcome to the Opera.”

What is the Elf.Tech software associated with Grimes?

Elf.Tech is a software developed by Grimes which enables artists to collaborate with her AI voice, leading to pseudo-collaborations like Kito’s “Cold Touch.”

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