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Green Day to Reissue Dookie for 30th Anniversary

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Punk rock anniversary

Green Day is set to release a special edition of their album “Dookie” in celebration of its upcoming 30th anniversary. This reissue, scheduled for release on September 29, will include not only the original album but also a range of additional content such as demos, unreleased tracks, and live recordings. Among the live recordings are performances from the band’s appearances at Woodstock ’94 and a show in Barcelona from June 1994.

Originally released on February 1, 1994, via Reprise Records, “Dookie” marked Green Day’s major-label debut and achieved significant success, peaking at the No. 2 position on the Billboard 200 chart. The album featured well-known hits like “Basket Case” and “When I Come Around.”

This follows Green Day’s recent reissue of their album “Nimrod” for its 25th anniversary. In addition, the band released a new studio album titled “Father of All…” in 2020.

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The deluxe edition of the “Dookie” reissue, marking its 30th anniversary, comes with a price of $180 at Rough Trade and $175 at Amazon. The tracklist includes both the original album and a selection of additional tracks:

Original Album Tracklist:
01. Burnout

  1. Having a Blast
  2. Chump
  3. Longview
  4. Welcome to Paradise
  5. Pulling Teeth
  6. Basket Case
  7. She
  8. Sassafras Roots
  9. When I Come Around
  10. Coming Clean
  11. Emenius Sleepus
  12. In the End
  13. F.O.D.
  14. All by Myself

Additional Tracks:

  • Various 4-Track Demo Versions
  • Cassette Demo Versions
  • Outtakes such as “Christie Rd.,” “409 in Your Coffee Maker,” and more
  • Live recordings from Woodstock ’94 and the Garatge Club show in Barcelona, featuring songs like “Welcome to Paradise,” “Basket Case,” “Longview,” and more.

This special reissue offers fans a comprehensive look into the evolution of “Dookie” and Green Day’s early career, providing a range of previously unreleased and live content.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Punk rock anniversary

What is the significance of Green Day’s ‘Dookie’ album reissue?

The reissue of Green Day’s ‘Dookie’ album celebrates its 30th anniversary, offering fans a special edition with demos, unreleased tracks, and live recordings.

When will the ‘Dookie’ album reissue be released?

The reissue of the ‘Dookie’ album is set to be released on September 29.

What does the reissue include besides the original album?

In addition to the original album, the reissue includes 4-track demo versions, cassette demo versions, outtakes, and live recordings from Woodstock ’94 and a Barcelona show.

What were the major hits from the original ‘Dookie’ album?

The original ‘Dookie’ album featured hit singles such as “Basket Case” and “When I Come Around.”

Has Green Day done similar reissues before?

Yes, Green Day previously reissued their album ‘Nimrod’ for its 25th anniversary, and they have an extensive music history, including recent releases like ‘Father of All…’ in 2020.

How much does the reissue cost?

The deluxe edition of the ‘Dookie’ reissue is priced at $180 at Rough Trade and $175 at Amazon.

What is the significance of the live recordings included in the reissue?

The live recordings offer a glimpse into Green Day’s performances at Woodstock ’94 and a Barcelona show from 1994, showcasing their energetic punk rock stage presence.

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