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Glasser Unveils Latest Track “All Lovers”: Have a Listen

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Glasser All Lovers

Cameron Mesirow, the talent behind the electropop endeavor Glasser, has debuted a fresh track titled “All Lovers.” This tune is the most recent sneak peek into Crux, her initial studio album in ten years, which is scheduled to be released on October 6 through One Little Independent. Check out the new song below.

Commenting on the latest single, Mesirow explained, “I was in the midst of a break-up, and I simply vocalized some of the lyrics on the page, connecting more with their form than their substance.” She continued, “During my previous album, I felt I was forcing words that I later regretted. This triggered an internal struggle about my self-perception as I see myself as an eloquent person, but this represented another aspect for me. While I can articulate well verbally, I’m more driven by melody. I believe the hue transmits the message more powerfully than my words ever could.”

This is the second track released from Crux, with “All Lovers” succeeding “Vine.” The upcoming LP is her first comprehensive work since 2013’s Interiors, signifying an eagerly anticipated return in album format. Previously in 2018, Glasser launched the 17-minute mix Sextape.


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On the topic of her new album, Mesirow revealed her aspiration to create a work where “all the components” sound distinct. “I was considering something akin to jazz, truth be told,” she detailed. “It was all about re-engaging with music creation after feeling somewhat alienated from the commercial mechanics of a music career.”

Take a look back at Newsound’s 2013 Rising interview with Glasser.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Glasser All Lovers

Who is the artist behind the new song “All Lovers”?

The song “All Lovers” is by Glasser, the electropop project of Cameron Mesirow.

What is the name of Glasser’s upcoming album?

The name of Glasser’s upcoming album is Crux.

When is the Crux album scheduled for release?

The Crux album is scheduled to be released on October 6.

What was the inspiration behind the song “All Lovers”?

The song “All Lovers” was inspired by a personal breakup experience of Cameron Mesirow. She emphasized the melody and feel of the words rather than their specific meaning.

What is the first single from the album Crux?

The first single from the album Crux is “Vine”.

What is the unique aspect of the album Crux as described by Cameron Mesirow?

Cameron Mesirow aimed to create an album where all the parts sound separated, inspired by the structure of jazz music.

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