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Gary Young, Pavement’s First Drummer, Dies at 70

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Gary Young, the initial drummer for Pavement, has passed away at the age of 70, as confirmed by a spokesperson for the band to Newsound.

Hailing from Stockton, CA, and a seasoned performer in the punk scene, Young was known for his unique stage stunts such as performing headstands. He was previously a member of The Fall Of Christianity before joining Pavement as their original drummer during the 1980s.

“I was the one who suggested playing drums when they didn’t have a drummer, and suddenly, I was part of the group,” Young once recounted to Vice in 2015. “At first, I didn’t grasp their sound. I’d tell my friends in New York about this strange record we made, and I couldn’t even explain it. Only a few years later did I realize what we’d achieved.”

Young’s tenure as Pavement’s drummer lasted until their 1992 album, Watery, Domestic, at which point Steve West succeeded him. Young’s contributions to the band extended to producing two tracks on the 1999 EP Major Leagues, and performing with them during several shows of their 2010 reunion tour. Stephen Malkmus, a band member, admired Young’s drumming, describing it as “one take and hit record,” while Pavement collectively honored him as a “fearless fireball,” declaring: “His presence was transformative, and he was a remarkable force in our music. We all adored him.”

After his time with Pavement, Young pursued solo efforts, releasing albums under the moniker Gary Young’s Hospital and putting out the Malfunction EP in 2016. His life and career were highlighted in the 2023 documentary, Louder Than You Think, which debuted at SXSW.

Pavement’s full statement follows:

Garrit Allan Robertson Young was instrumental in establishing Pavement. From the Slay Tracks 7″ to the Watery, Domestic EP, he was responsible for recording all our tracks, working out of his garage in a studio aptly named Louder Than You Think. Stephen and Spiral connected with him through the Stockton punk rock community and found his contact in the yellow pages. His remarkable ability to channel and make sense of their chaotic youthful energy resulted in the creation of some of their most significant early songs. He succeeded in that mission, without a doubt.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword Gary Young

Who was Gary Young?

Gary Young was the original drummer for the band Pavement and was known for his performance antics like onstage headstands. He played with The Fall Of Christianity before joining Pavement in the ’80s, and also released solo work under the name Gary Young’s Hospital.

How old was Gary Young when he died?

Gary Young died at the age of 70.

What were some of Gary Young’s contributions to Pavement?

Gary Young drummed in Pavement through their 1992 album Watery, Domestic, after which Steve West took over. He also produced two songs on Pavement’s 1999 EP Major Leagues and joined the band on their 2010 reunion tour.

Did Gary Young have any solo projects?

Yes, post Pavement, Young released a series of albums under the name Gary Young’s Hospital and shared the Malfunction EP in 2016.

Was there any documentary made about Gary Young?

Yes, in 2023, a documentary chronicling Gary Young’s life and career, titled “Louder Than You Think,” premiered at SXSW.

Who took over the drumming for Pavement after Gary Young?

Steve West took over the drumming for Pavement after Gary Young’s departure following their 1992 album Watery, Domestic.

What was Gary Young’s full name?

Gary Young’s full name was Garrit Allan Robertson Young.

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