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Fievel Is Glauque Sign to Fat Possum, Share New Video: Watch

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Musical Collaboration

Fievel Is Glauque, the musical collective centered around Zach Phillips, an American keyboardist, and French vocalist Ma Clément, have revealed their recent collaboration with Fat Possum as they introduce their tracks “I’m Scanning Things I Can’t See” and “Dark Dancing.” The accompanying music video directed by Joey Agresta is also available for viewing.

These fresh songs were penned by Phillips and Clément in April 2023 and subsequently captured on a Tascam 424 Portastudio. Explaining the creative process, Phillips conveyed that while their songwriting is an ongoing, tangible, and esoteric endeavor, its translation into recordings tends to be erratic, enigmatic, and intricate—like navigating a labyrinth, often leading to unexpected outcomes.

The musical partnership between Phillips and Clément was forged in Brussels, Belgium, where Phillips relocated during the pandemic. Fievel Is Glauque’s initial introduction was marked by a Bandcamp compilation album named “God’s Trashmen Sent to Right the Mess,” consisting of live monophonic cassette recordings, which was shared on New Year’s Day in 2021. Their subsequent work, the LP “Flaming Swords,” was crafted over the course of a single evening in August of the same year, featuring the collaboration of five additional musicians.

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