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Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear Transforms into a Therapist

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Career Transformation

Ed Droste, the talented multi-instrumentalist of the renowned band Grizzly Bear, has embarked on an intriguing new journey as an associate therapist. In a surprising twist that adds a new chapter to his eclectic career, Droste has ventured into the realm of mental health and counseling. Describing this transition as “the next stage of my career,” he has established an independent practice that provides virtual and in-person therapy sessions for both adults and teenagers. The backdrop for this endeavor is the vibrant neighborhood of Los Feliz in the bustling city of Los Angeles.

In a social media announcement that caught many fans off guard, Droste took to Instagram to share his recent venture. “If you know anyone seeking a therapist in California, please don’t hesitate to share my contact details,” he candidly wrote. He went on to direct interested individuals to his Psychology Today profile, easily accessible through his Instagram bio. Alternatively, those seeking his expertise can reach out via his supervisor’s website, www.laurenmarimon.com. Droste expressed deep gratitude for the unwavering support he has received from his fans, signifying the bridge between his past musical career and his present endeavors.

Though it has been six years since Grizzly Bear’s last album, the critically acclaimed “Painted Ruins” released in 2017, Droste has not completely severed his ties with the music world. Post-album release, he collaborated with other artists, lending his musical prowess to tracks like Haerts’ “For the Sky” and Morrissey’s “Morning Starship.” However, the turning point arrived in 2020 when Droste revealed a significant life change on the podcast “Lunch Therapy.” He disclosed that he had made the decision to depart from Grizzly Bear and embark on a new academic path—pursuing a graduate degree in psychology.

The journey into the realm of mental health was spurred by Droste’s genuine fascination with the intricacies of the human mind. Reflecting on the demands of life on the road, he shared on “Lunch Therapy” how the balancing act between touring and personal well-being became increasingly challenging. “Band life” took a toll on him, leading to exhaustion and a sense that he was no longer fully appreciating the musical journey. The decision to delve into the study of psychology provided a much-needed shift, allowing him to embrace a fresh perspective. Droste candidly expressed that part of his motivation to step away from the music industry was to liberate himself from the constraints of public perception and reaction—a weight that had lingered throughout his musical career.

Amidst this transition, Droste’s personal identity has also been a topic of conversation. He opened up about his experiences as a gay man within the indie rock scene in an illuminating feature for Newsound titled “The Secret Gay History of Indie Rock.” This candid discussion adds another layer to the complex tapestry of Droste’s life and career.

As Droste embarks on this new chapter, his story serves as a testament to the multifaceted nature of artistic individuals. His journey from a celebrated musician to a dedicated therapist highlights the potential for growth and reinvention that resides within us all. While the indie rock scene may miss his musical contributions, there’s no doubt that Droste’s impact will continue to reverberate in new and unforeseen ways.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Career Transformation

Who is Ed Droste?

Ed Droste is a multi-talented musician known for his role in the band Grizzly Bear. He’s now transitioning into the field of therapy.

What is Ed Droste’s new career?

Ed Droste has become an associate therapist, offering counseling for adults and teenagers in Los Angeles.

How can I contact Ed Droste for therapy?

You can find his contact details on his Instagram bio or reach out through his supervisor’s website, www.laurenmarimon.com.

What prompted Ed Droste’s career change?

Droste cited his fascination with mental health and a desire to escape the pressures of the music industry as reasons for pursuing psychology.

Has Ed Droste completely left music?

While he’s left Grizzly Bear, Droste has collaborated on other artists’ songs and remains involved in discussions about the indie rock scene.

What has Ed Droste discussed regarding his personal identity?

He has candidly discussed his experiences as a gay man in the indie rock scene, adding depth to his story.

How can I learn more about Grizzly Bear’s influence?

You can read more about Grizzly Bear’s impact and influence in the feature “The 200 Most Important Artists of Newsound’s First 25 Years.”

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