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Crumb and Melody’s Echo Chamber Team Up in Video for New Song “Le Temple Volant”: Watch

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Crumb and Melody’s Echo Chamber have teamed up to deliver their latest musical creation, a captivating song titled “Le Temple Volant.” This collaboration, co-written and performed by both talented artists, comes with an intriguing music video directed by Phil McGill. The video not only showcases their musical synergy but also documents the very first time they met face to face, adding a personal touch to the whole experience.

The story behind this collaboration is as inspiring as the music itself. Melody Prochet, reflecting on her first encounter with Crumb’s music, reminisces about how the song “Locket” left a lasting impression on her, describing it as a spark that ignited her deep passion for music. She expressed, “I remember the first time I heard Crumb’s music, it was the song ‘Locket’ that blew my mind. I think it kind of enlightened that spark in me that loves music so passionately.”

In a delightful twist of fate, Crumb reciprocated the admiration during the lockdown period when Melody reached out to express her love for their music. This unexpected connection turned into a surreal and full-circle moment for the band. As Crumb puts it, “It feels right for this to be our first song with another musical artist.”

Both Crumb and Melody’s Echo Chamber have their own impressive musical journeys. Melody Prochet released her third studio album as Melody’s Echo Chamber, titled “Emotional Eternal,” just last year. Her path to this point was marked by a serious accident in 2018, shortly after announcing her full-length album “Bon Voyage.” She faced the challenges of a broken neck and spine, along with a brain aneurysm. However, her resilience and recovery have led her back to good health and musical creativity.

On the other side of this musical fusion, Crumb has been making waves with their sophomore LP, “Ice Melt,” released in 2021. The Brooklyn-based psych-rock band didn’t stop there; they also treated fans to the standalone single “Crushxd.” And if you’re eager to experience Crumb’s magic live, you’re in luck! They have a series of shows lined up for November in Europe, including performances at the Newsound Music Festival in Paris and London.

This collaboration between Crumb and Melody’s Echo Chamber is a testament to the power of music to bring artists together, transcending boundaries and sparking creative connections. It’s a must-watch for anyone who appreciates the beauty of musical collaboration and the journeys of artists who overcome adversity to share their talents with the world. So, without further ado, dive into the mesmerizing world of “Le Temple Volant” and witness the magic unfold.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Collaboration

What is “Le Temple Volant”?

“Le Temple Volant” is a collaborative song by Crumb and Melody’s Echo Chamber, bringing together their unique musical styles.

Who directed the music video for the song?

The music video for “Le Temple Volant” was skillfully directed by Phil McGill.

What inspired this collaboration?

Melody Prochet, from Melody’s Echo Chamber, was deeply moved by Crumb’s music, particularly the song “Locket,” which ignited her passion for music.

How did the artists come together?

During the lockdown, Melody reached out to Crumb to express her admiration for their music, leading to this unexpected and exciting collaboration.

Can you tell me more about the artists’ backgrounds?

Melody Prochet is known for her work as Melody’s Echo Chamber, while Crumb is a Brooklyn-based psych-rock band, with their sophomore LP “Ice Melt” gaining attention.

What challenges did Melody Prochet face on her musical journey?

In 2018, Melody suffered a serious accident, breaking her neck and spine and experiencing a brain aneurysm. However, she has made an inspirational recovery.

Where can I catch Crumb’s live performances?

Crumb will be performing in Europe this November, including shows at the Newsound Music Festival in Paris and London.

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