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Check Out King Krule’s Latest Concert Film: “Wait Till You Hear What Happened!”

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King Krule's New Concert Film

Step right up, folks! King Krule is back in the spotlight, this time with a sizzling concert film that’ll knock your socks off—titled “Wait Till You Hear What Happened!” The cinematic venture, directed and filmed by the talented Anna Pollack, is part of Archy Marshall’s hush-hush Shhh Tour. This covert mission of a tour was a prelude to King Krule’s recent studio masterpiece, “Space Heavy.” Filmed at the iconic Stephen Talkhouse in the hipster haven of Amagansett, New York, the movie features seven melodious tracks, including a fresh one titled “Whaleshark.” You can feast your eyes on the 30-minute gem right here.

Now, you might be wondering who else is in the band that’s so cool it could freeze water. On saxophone and drums, you’ve got Ignacio Salvadores and George Bass making beautiful music together, respectively. Anna Pollack didn’t just hang behind the camera; she spent some leisure time with the trio in The Big Apple, capturing additional footage that seamlessly intertwines with the movie’s narrative.

The film also treats fans to a musical smorgasbord featuring songs from King Krule’s latest album, “Space Heavy,” such as “Tortoise of Independency,” “Seaforth,” “Pink Shell,” and “If Only It Was Warmth.” But wait, there’s more! Also included are tracks from the album “Man Alive!”: “(Don’t Let the Dragon) Draag On” and “Perfecto Miserable.”

And get this—the King isn’t done conquering. He’s still on tour, folks. So, if this film leaves you wanting more of King Krule’s grungy elegance, you might just be able to catch him live.

For those whose curiosity knows no bounds, don’t forget to read, “How Supermarkets, Electricity Towers, and a Satanic President Inspired King Krule’s Man Alive!”

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