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Charles Bissell Declares the End of The Wrens, Unveils Debut Song from Solo Project Car Colors

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It’s official, folks—the era of The Wrens has come to a close, at least as declared by Charles Bissell, one of the band’s co-frontmen. But hold on to your musical hats because Bissell is embarking on a new journey with his solo project, Car Colors, set to hit the scene on November 17. Brace yourselves for the three-track debut single, “Old Death,” which is slated to pave the way for an album we can expect early in 2024, according to a tantalizing press release. In a delightful twist, Bissell has reunited with his old label home, Absolutely Kosher, to bring us this musical delight. And if you think that’s all, well, there’s more: the single will feature the enchanting B-sides “And It’s All Guns and Arrows” and “I’ll Bear.” Bissell, in a fit of creativity, has described “Old Death” as “my life as The Odyssey disguised as a pop album” in those ever-enigmatic press materials.

Now, let’s backtrack a little. The demise of The Wrens began to show signs back in 2021 when Kevin Whelan threw a curveball by announcing his new project, Aeon Station. Their debut album was mostly comprised of Whelan’s songs originally meant for The Wrens’ follow-up to “The Meadowlands.” What’s intriguing is that the lineup of Aeon Station comprises three-quarters of The Wrens: Kevin Whelan, his brother Greg, and Jerry MacDonald. But wait, it’s not that straightforward. With Bissell’s announcement, Aeon Station piped in with the following statement:

“Though Charles has decided to leave the band, it does not mean that the band has broken up. 3/4 of The Wrens continue to work together writing, recording music, and playing shows as Aeon Station. Who knows what the future may hold for The Wrens.”

And there you have it, folks, a glimmer of hope for die-hard Wrens fans. The other members of The Wrens are sending their best wishes to Charles as he embarks on his solo adventure, expressing gratitude to everyone who has stood by the band over the years.

By the way, Aeon Station made quite an entrance with their debut album, “Observatory,” courtesy of Sub Pop. Interestingly, Sub Pop was rumored to be gearing up for a new Wrens album, but Bissell threw a curveball last December when he decided to part ways with the label. Sub Pop’s representatives remained tight-lipped, despite numerous inquiries from Newsound.

In a revealing interview with The New York Times in 2021, Kevin Whelan shed light on his decision to exit The Wrens and start Aeon Station. The Times noted that upon learning about Aeon Station, Bissell’s immediate reaction was to pronounce the death of The Wrens and forge ahead with his solo album. In a conversation with The Guardian, Bissell asserted that he poured “hundreds of hours” into songs featured on “Observatory,” with some of his work even making it onto the record without proper credit.

So, there you have it, the intricate web of band dynamics, solo endeavors, and the ever-evolving world of music. The end of one chapter marks the start of another, and in this case, Charles Bissell is driving us into the colorful world of Car Colors, leaving us eagerly anticipating the musical journey that lies ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Car Colors

Q: Is The Wrens officially disbanded with Charles Bissell’s departure?

A: While Charles Bissell has left The Wrens, the band’s status is somewhat ambiguous. Three out of four members continue to collaborate in Aeon Station, leaving room for future possibilities.

Q: When can we expect Charles Bissell’s solo project, Car Colors, to launch?

A: Car Colors is set to make its debut on November 17, with the release of the three-track single “Old Death.” An album is also on the horizon, anticipated in early 2024.

Q: What’s the significance of Charles Bissell reuniting with Absolutely Kosher for his solo project?

A: Charles Bissell’s return to Absolutely Kosher, The Wrens’ old label home, suggests a nostalgic and meaningful connection to the label that played a part in the band’s history.

Q: What’s the story behind Aeon Station and their debut album, “Observatory”?

A: Aeon Station is a project that includes three-quarters of The Wrens—Kevin Whelan, Greg Whelan, and Jerry MacDonald. Their debut album, “Observatory,” was released on Sub Pop, marking an intriguing chapter in the band’s evolution.

Q: Why did Charles Bissell part ways with Sub Pop, and how did this impact The Wrens’ potential new album?

A: Charles Bissell’s decision to leave Sub Pop in December had implications for The Wrens’ future. It created uncertainty around the label’s plans for a new Wrens album, as the representatives remained silent on the matter.

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