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Bob Boilen, Pioneer of All Things Considered and Tiny Desk Concerts, Bids Farewell to NPR After 35 Remarkable Years

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After a remarkable 35-year tenure at NPR, Bob Boilen, the visionary behind iconic shows like All Songs Considered and the Tiny Desk Concert series, is bidding farewell to the broadcaster. Mark your calendars for October 2, as that will be his final day at NPR, as announced by his colleague, Lars Gotrich.

In a heartfelt message shared on X (formerly known as Twitter), Boilen expressed his thoughts:

“After 35 years, I am bidding adieu to NPR. It’s been an exhilarating journey, from crafting Tiny Desk Concerts to curating All Songs Considered, and directing All Things Considered for an awe-inspiring 18 years, among many other adventures. I hold immense affection for the incredible people I’ve had the privilege to work alongside. Nevertheless, the time has come to seek out new horizons. Thank you for being part of this wonderful journey by listening and watching.”

Boilen’s affiliation with NPR traces back to 1988 when he joined the network. Quickly rising through the ranks, he assumed the role of director for All Things Considered, NPR’s flagship news program, and held that position for nearly two decades. It was in the year 2000 when he embarked on another ambitious venture, founding All Songs Considered. This music podcast was born out of Boilen’s penchant for introducing captivating tunes in between segments on the news program.

However, the pinnacle of his creative genius arrived in 2008 when Boilen, in collaboration with his NPR compatriot Stephen Thompson, initiated the Tiny Desk Concert series. This groundbreaking series invited artists to deliver intimate performances right at Boilen’s desk within the NPR premises in Washington, D.C. The moniker “Tiny Desk” pays homage to Boilen’s earlier days as a musician in the band Tiny Desk Unit. Since the inception of this series with folk singer Laura Gibson’s performance in April 2008, Boilen’s desk has hosted an illustrious lineup, including Mac Miller, Usher, Justin Bieber, Lizzo, Juvenile, Taylor Swift, the Wu-Tang Clan, and countless others, totaling more than 800 unforgettable concerts.

Adding to its allure, NPR introduced the Tiny Desk Concert contest in 2015, encouraging musicians to submit their musical creations for consideration. A panel of musicians and NPR staff members judges the entries, with the lucky winner earning the opportunity to perform a Tiny Desk Concert.

Bob Boilen’s departure marks the end of an era at NPR, and his contributions to the world of music and journalism will continue to resonate for years to come. We wish him the best on his upcoming adventures and eagerly await what new horizons he’ll explore in the world of creativity and storytelling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bob Boilen NPR Exit

Who is Bob Boilen?

Bob Boilen is a prominent figure in the world of music and journalism. He’s known for his 35-year association with NPR, where he held various roles, including director of the flagship news program All Things Considered.

What are All Songs Considered and Tiny Desk Concerts?

All Songs Considered is a celebrated music podcast founded by Bob Boilen in 2000, showcasing a diverse range of music and artists. Tiny Desk Concerts is an iconic NPR series, co-created by Boilen in 2008, featuring intimate live performances by musicians at his desk in the NPR offices.

When is Bob Boilen leaving NPR?

Bob Boilen’s last day at NPR is set for October 2, as announced by his colleague, Lars Gotrich.

What is the significance of Bob Boilen’s departure?

Bob Boilen’s departure marks the end of an era at NPR, where he made significant contributions to music journalism and introduced innovative programming like Tiny Desk Concerts and All Songs Considered.

How many Tiny Desk Concerts have been hosted by Bob Boilen?

Bob Boilen’s desk has hosted over 800 Tiny Desk Concerts since the series began in 2008, featuring a wide array of artists and genres.

What is the Tiny Desk Concert contest?

The Tiny Desk Concert contest is an annual event hosted by NPR, allowing musicians to submit their music for a chance to perform a Tiny Desk Concert. Winners are selected by a panel of musicians and NPR staff.

What’s next for Bob Boilen after leaving NPR?

While Bob Boilen’s exact plans post-NPR are undisclosed, his departure paves the way for new creative adventures in the realms of music, journalism, and storytelling.

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TechNerd92 September 14, 2023 - 2:50 am

Bob’s podcast All Songs Considered, v cool. Wonder whos takin over?

MovieBuffGirl September 14, 2023 - 5:31 am

Tiny Desk concerts r amazin, seen so many gr8 artists there!

MusicLover123 September 14, 2023 - 1:17 pm

omg, Bob Boilen is leavin NPR? thts like end of era in radio!

SportsFanatic September 14, 2023 - 10:03 pm

Wait, Bob directed All Things Considered? Thats nuts, dude’s multi-talented!

Journogal September 15, 2023 - 12:46 am

sad 2 c Bob go, but excited 2 c what’s nxt! Tiny Desk rocks!


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