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Björk and Rosalía Preview New Song to Combat Icelandic Fish Farming: Listen

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Björk and Rosalía are teaming up to drop a brand-new track, and it’s not just about music; it’s a battle cry against fish farming in Iceland. In a statement, the enigmatic Björk expressed her concern for the pristine Icelandic wilderness and the idyllic town of Seyðisfjörður, where residents are taking a stand against the potentially catastrophic impact of fish farming on local wildlife.

With the utmost sincerity, Björk shared that she and Rosalía are committed to donating the proceeds from their yet-to-be-named song to assist with the legal fees of the Seyðisfjörður activists. It’s not just about making catchy tunes; it’s about making a difference.

This collaboration marks Björk’s return to the music scene since her last album, “Fossora,” which dropped a year ago. She’s been keeping busy, though, with remixes like Shygirl’s “Woe” and the mesmerizing “Ovule,” featuring Shygirl and Sega Bodega.

As for Rosalía, the Spanish sensation has been on fire, releasing new tracks left and right, including hits like “LLYLM” and “Tuya.” Plus, she dropped the collaborative EP “RR” with Rauw Alejandro earlier this year. It’s safe to say that this powerhouse duo is more than capable of creating a track that’ll rock your world.

But back to the cause at hand—fish farming in Iceland. Björk, ever the guardian of her homeland’s unspoiled beauty, passionately explains the situation. For generations, Iceland has boasted untouched nature, where sheep roam free in the mountains during the summer, and fish swim freely in lakes, rivers, and fjords. However, a wave of Icelandic and Norwegian business folks have been quietly snapping up fish farms across the country’s picturesque fjords.

This revelation shocked and galvanized the nation this summer. The absence of significant regulations allowed these fish farms to operate for nearly a decade unchecked. The consequences have been dire: devastating impacts on local wildlife and appalling conditions for farmed fish. To make matters worse, many of these farmed fish have managed to escape, potentially altering the DNA of Icelandic salmon for the worse and pushing them closer to extinction.

Björk and her group aren’t just raising their voices; they’re issuing a challenge to these business moguls—retract your fish farms! They also aim to pioneer and establish strict regulations within Iceland’s legal system to safeguard nature. Fortunately, they’re not alone in their quest; the majority of the nation is rallying behind them.

This protest isn’t just about music; it’s about embodying the will of the people and translating it into actionable change. Björk’s heartfelt words convey the urgency of the situation, emphasizing the importance of preserving the last wild salmon of the North and protecting Iceland’s pristine landscapes.

So, as you eagerly await the release of Björk and Rosalía’s new track this October, remember that this isn’t just music; it’s a passionate call to protect the environment and preserve the beauty of Iceland for generations to come. Warmth and determination are the driving forces behind this collaboration, and it’s music to our ears and hearts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Fokus Keyword: Iceland Fish Farming Protest

What is the purpose of the Björk and Rosalía collaboration mentioned in the text?

The purpose of the collaboration between Björk and Rosalía is to raise awareness and support the fight against fish farming in Iceland. They aim to use their upcoming song’s proceeds to assist with the legal fees of activists in Seyðisfjörður who are protesting the devastating effects of fish farming on local wildlife.

When will the new song by Björk and Rosalía be released?

The release date for the new song by Björk and Rosalía is set for October.

What is the background of the protest against fish farming in Iceland?

The protest stems from concerns about the environmental impact of fish farming in Iceland. Icelandic and Norwegian business figures have been purchasing fish farms across the country’s fjords, which has raised environmental and wildlife conservation concerns. Activists believe that these fish farms have been operating with minimal regulations for nearly a decade, leading to negative consequences for wildlife and the farmed fish population.

What are the key points Björk makes about the fish farming issue in Iceland?

Björk highlights several key points about the fish farming issue in Iceland. She emphasizes the uniqueness of Iceland’s untouched nature, where sheep and fish have traditionally roamed freely. She expresses shock at the lack of regulations that allowed business interests to establish fish farms in the country’s fjords. She also underscores the detrimental effects on wildlife and the potential negative impact on the DNA of Icelandic salmon.

What is the broader message of this collaboration and protest?

The collaboration and protest go beyond just making music. They aim to channel the will of the people into effecting real change. The goal is not only to challenge business interests to retract their fish farms but also to establish stringent regulations within Iceland’s legal system to protect the environment. The majority of the nation supports these efforts, making it a broader movement for environmental conservation and activism.

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