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Are MGMT Teasing a New Album?

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MGMT New Album Tease

Could MGMT be hinting at an upcoming album release? It seems so, according to some keen-eyed fans on Stereogum. Andrew VanWyngarden, one-half of the duo, recently dropped a tantalizing clue on the band’s subreddit. In a rather cryptic move, he shared a snapshot of a test pressing along with a banana and the enigmatic phrase, “elf of soils.” Now, Reddit detectives are on the case, speculating that this might just be an anagram (or as they cleverly put it, a “bananagram”) hinting at the title of their next album. One leading theory is “Loss of Life,” derived from VanWyngarden’s earlier posts. In one post, he hinted at the likelihood of a new MGMT album hitting the scene in 2023. In another post, intriguingly titled “Just got done cooking L.O.L.,” he dropped another breadcrumb of anticipation.

For those who may need a musical refresher, MGMT’s most recent offering was the 2020 single “As You Move Through the World.” This pandemic-era track, clocking in at 7 and a half minutes, was described by the band as a “downtempo ambient instrumental track to listen to while we’re NOT moving through the world.” A clever nod to the times we all found ourselves in during the lockdowns.

If we take a step further back in time, their last full studio album, “Little Dark Age,” graced our ears in February 2018. Last year, they also treated fans to “11•11•11,” a live recording from a 2011 concert. But now, it seems the duo might be cooking up something entirely new, and fans of their unique blend of music are eager to see what’s in store.

So, is it time for MGMT fans to get excited about the possibility of a fresh musical journey with “Loss of Life,” or will this anagram puzzle lead us down a different rabbit hole? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure, the anticipation is building, and the music world is eagerly watching for the next move from this enigmatic duo.

“Little Dark Age” was a compelling chapter in MGMT’s musical journey, and fans can’t wait to see where the band takes us next. Let’s keep our ears perked and our banana peels ready for whatever musical surprises MGMT has in store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MGMT New Album Tease

Q: Is MGMT really hinting at a new album with cryptic clues?

A: Yes, there’s strong evidence pointing to a new MGMT album. Andrew VanWyngarden’s recent post featuring a test pressing, a banana, and the phrase “elf of soils” has fans buzzing with speculation. Many believe it’s an anagram hinting at the album title “Loss of Life,” backed by VanWyngarden’s earlier posts suggesting a 2023 album release and the intriguing “Just got done cooking L.O.L.” title.

Q: What was MGMT’s last release?

A: MGMT’s most recent musical offering was the 2020 single “As You Move Through the World.” It was a 7 and a half minute downtempo ambient instrumental track, reflecting the lockdown era.

Q: When did MGMT release their last studio album?

A: Their last full studio album, “Little Dark Age,” dropped in February 2018, and they followed up with “11•11•11,” a live recording from a 2011 concert in the previous year.

Q: What can we expect from MGMT’s music?

A: MGMT is known for their unique and genre-blending sound, so fans are eagerly anticipating what direction their new album, potentially titled “Loss of Life,” will take. The cryptic clues have heightened curiosity in the music world.

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CuriousGeek September 24, 2023 - 9:58 pm

lol, “elf of soils” is so quirky. bet the album’s gonna b a blast, 2023’s lookin’ gr8!

musicLover123 September 25, 2023 - 3:28 am

omg, mgmt’s teasin’ a nu album? tht anagram stuff’s wild! cant wait, lol!

MGMTsuperfan September 25, 2023 - 7:05 am

their last albm “little dark age” was awesum, so im hype for more tunes!


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