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Aïsha Devi Unveils Upcoming Album “Death Is Home” after 5-Year Hiatus, Presents New Track: Take a Listen!

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Musical Resurgence

Renowned Swiss music producer Aïsha Devi is making waves once again with her highly-anticipated upcoming album, marking her return after a five-year gap since her previous release, “DNA Feelings,” back in 2018. The new album, titled “Death Is Home,” is set to drop on November 10 under the Houndstooth label. Fans and enthusiasts can already get a taste of what’s to come through the album’s lead single, “Immortelle,” which has been released for public enjoyment.

This exciting musical endeavor is more than just a collection of songs. Aïsha Devi drew inspiration from her personal journey, a quest to connect with her father whom she had never met. The intriguing press materials reveal that the artist embarked on a profound exploration to unearth the story of her father, B.K. Gurung, a talented Nepali drummer whose life was tragically cut short. In an emotionally charged revelation, it was unveiled that Aïsha Devi’s father had passed away at a young age. However, rather than encapsulating this discovery within a realm of sorrow, Devi transformed her perspective through the lens of mourning. She recognized that her father’s existence had already bestowed upon her a lifeline of sorts, providing both solace and sanctuary.

For those intrigued by Aïsha Devi’s sonic evolution, the journey began with her earlier release, “DNA Feelings,” which dropped in the vibrant musical spring of 2018. It’s an album that music enthusiasts might have unintentionally overlooked, and it’s worth revisiting to appreciate the growth and development that has led to “Death Is Home.”

The album itself promises to be a mesmerizing tapestry of sound, featuring a captivating array of tracks that invite listeners into Devi’s artistic world. Here’s a sneak peek at what the tracklist holds:

  1. Not Defined by the Visible
  2. Immortelle
  3. Lick Your Wounds
  4. Dimensional Spleen [ft. Slikback]
  5. The Infinite Chemistry of the Betwixt (Tool)
  6. Unborn Yet Alive
  7. Mind Era
  8. The 7th Element
  9. Prophet Club
  10. Azoth Eyes

Each track is poised to provide a unique auditory experience, offering a blend of Devi’s signature style and innovative experimentation. As fans eagerly await the album’s release on November 10, the lead single “Immortelle” offers a tantalizing glimpse into the sonic landscape that Aïsha Devi has meticulously crafted.

So, mark your calendars, music aficionados! “Death Is Home” not only marks a triumphant return for Aïsha Devi but also promises to be an auditory odyssey that navigates the realms of emotion, self-discovery, and the boundless possibilities of sound. Get ready to immerse yourselves in the sonic tapestry spun by this talented Swiss producer. The wait until November 10 might just become the longest days of anticipation for music enthusiasts and Devi’s fans alike!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Musical Resurgence

When was Aïsha Devi’s last album released before “Death Is Home”?

Aïsha Devi’s last album prior to “Death Is Home” was “DNA Feelings,” which was released in 2018.

What inspired “Death Is Home”?

“Death Is Home” was inspired by Aïsha Devi’s journey to connect with her late father, a Nepali drummer named B.K. Gurung, whom she had never met.

What is the significance of the lead single “Immortelle”?

The lead single “Immortelle” offers listeners a glimpse into the musical landscape of “Death Is Home,” showcasing Aïsha Devi’s innovative style and sonic exploration.

How many tracks are included in the album?

“Death Is Home” features a total of 10 tracks, each contributing to the unique auditory experience crafted by Aïsha Devi.

When is the album “Death Is Home” scheduled for release?

The album “Death Is Home” is set to be released on November 10, providing eager fans with a highly anticipated musical experience.

How does “Death Is Home” differ from Aïsha Devi’s previous work?

“Death Is Home” represents a musical evolution for Aïsha Devi, driven by personal discovery and innovation, making it distinct from her earlier releases.

What can listeners expect from the album’s tracks?

Listeners can anticipate a diverse range of sounds and emotions, as each track on “Death Is Home” contributes to the album’s multifaceted and immersive journey.

Where can I listen to the lead single “Immortelle”?

The lead single “Immortelle” and the full album “Death Is Home” will be available for listening on various music platforms upon its release on November 10.

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