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Jai Paul did a live show at Coachella today (April 16) for the first time ever and it wasn’t streamed officially, but videos from it showed up on social media. He sang some of his songs like “Higher Res”, “He” , “BTSTU”, “Str8 Outta Mumbai”, “Crush” and “Jasmine”. He also performed a new song called ‘So Long’. No one else came out to join him or say anything in between the songs.

Paul, who was accompanied by his brother A.K. Paul on guitar, put together a band that included Fabiana Palladino, Rocco Palladino and Isaac Kizito. Watch the video of their live debut performance below, which is full of surprises! You can also find the setlist there.

Jai Paul had been out of the spotlight until 2019 when he released a new album called ‘Leak 04-13 (Bait Ones)’. It was made up primarily of songs that were leaked six years before when Jai Paul was working on his first album. Since then, Jai Paul and his brother A. K. Paul have teamed up to form an organization called Paul Institute whose first release was ‘Summer 2020’ in summer 2020 – though none of the tracks are credited to Jai Paul himself.

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